Come Saturday Morning: Not So Smart ALECs Leaving Minnesota Legislature

Among the many losers last Tuesday not named “Mitt Romney” were Karl Rove, Congressional Republicans seeking to suppress the truth about taxing the rich and its effects on the economy, and the Minnesota branch of ALEC:

Of the 26 members of the current Minnesota state legislature known to be members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), only 15 will return next year to litter the hopper with legislation from the corporate bill factory.


In addition to losing members in Tuesday’s election in Minnesota, the group also saw a favorite policy objective–voter restriction–fail when citizens decisively rejected Amendment #2.

ALEC’s lead person in Minnesota, state Representative Mary Kiffmeyer, did manage to win her race for a state Senate seat, but she’s not going to be wielding the power she thought she’d have just a week ago: She’ll be going from a state Rep in the majority caucus to a state Senator in the minority caucus. Poor baby.

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