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Obama won on “values, not demographics”…

Obama won on “values” not “demographics”…

President Obama’s pollster for both the election cycles in 2008 and 2012, Joel Benenson, says in an op-ed piece in the New York Times, that President Obama won on “values” and not on “demographics.” Yeah, and if you believe Benenson, I’ve got the Big Hole or the Grand Canyon available for sale.

Now, I’ve been known to be wrong in the past, and if so, then this election was all about and between the “conservative” Republican Mitt Romney and the “conservative” Democrat. Therefore, this election was all about “who is and was the better conservative.” Consequently, the results speak to and for the better Conservative and that being President Obama.

However, Joel Benenson has this to say in his op-ed and dated today, November 8, 2012, and titled, “Values, Not Demographics, Won the Election.”

“The president’s victory was a triumph of vision, not of demographics. He won because he articulated a set of values that define an America that the majority of us wish to live in: A nation that makes the investments we need to strengthen and grow the middle class. A nation with a fair tax system, and affordable and excellent education for all its citizens. A nation that believes that we’re most prosperous when we recognize that we are all in it together.

“Moreover, Mr. Obama’s strength on the economy was not about “empathy,” as many experts asserted. Rather, for average working-class and middle-class Americans who have believed for nearly a decade that the economic system in America had fallen out of balance for people like them, the president’s personal story and policies engendered trust because they connected with voters’ lives, aspirations, and beliefs about what it would take to create the future they wanted. That trust was the central economic test in this election.”

Unfortunately, for Benenson, he was not “correct” since he did not factor Latino-voting behavior into his model. Moreover, Nate Silver of 538 fame and contracted political pollster for the New York Times has been proven “correct” but only after he “adjusted” his Model to include the greater impact of our votes from our respective Native American and Chicano communities.

Further, I predicted that President Obama would win at least seven of the nine swing states.  To date, I was ‘wrong’ in that New Hampshire would fall into the Romney Column.  As such, Florida has yet to announce itself for the Obama Column, but when it does, I will be correct in an eight-for-nine.  Thus, it was not Trust for those of us here in the Sonoran Desert.  To wit, the first two issues were “Jobs” and “More Jobs” with a distant third issue being Comprehensive Immigration Reform since immigration has, either a direct of indirect impact, on our immediate families as well as our Friends and Neighbors.

And that’s why Benenson will have to get past his self-imposed propaganda tropes and done in order to make America’s foremost “conservative” Democrat palatable to us for the next four years.


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