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#NoMoreForeclosure: Rally at Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office #Portland #Oregon

Will it take a #RollingJubilee to stop the foreclosures and evictions?

The Statesman-Journal notes that more than 10,000 homes have been foreclosed upon in Salem in the last five years alone in its detailed report on Oregon’s capitol city.

In a follow up to the Sirotak family’s eviction (see “[Update] #NoMoreForeclosure and Your Town P?o?r?t?l?a?n?d?,? ?O?r?e?g?o?n?“), today more than 100 people participated in the rally at Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Portland, Oregon calling for Sheriff Stanton to stop and why. You can see a record of the event via this video and a great photo here.

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