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Is The Cliff Fiscal – Or Mental?

To begin with, it’s not a cliff. I’d be willing to bet this metaphor came out of one of the lavishly funded, right-wing label factories euphemistically referred to as “think tanks”, churning out Fright Night hyperbole. It is a rare, bipartisan agreement to address the “Fiscal Slide” into debt oblivion. Now that it is about to be implemented, Republicans in particular are having second thoughts about the military spending cuts they agreed to and voted to enact.

Will Barack Obama hand them another negotiation capitulation, or will he find his spine and grasp his “Bush Moment”: Will he face his adversaries and declare, “I got some political capital, and I’m gonna spend it.”

Obama must find a way to let the sequester run its course while taking some mitigating action, such as infrastructure spending and jobs legislation, that would stimulate the economy through the bottleneck. Fed chair Bernanke has broadly hinted that he would much prefer Congress to enact more effective stimulation than he is able to provide with more QE.

Obama must stop being ashamed that he used to do drugs and follow the lead of the states on the path to decriminalization of, at least, marijuana. The payoff is incalculable.

Obama, and all of us, must remember we’re living on a planet, and that we can’t breathe without our relatives, plants, who make our air. Republicans are girding for the fight, acting as if they’d won the election and dictating to the nation the same agenda that just led to their loss – what incredible gall these people have! I should just quit griping and rejoice with Jon Stewart that they just had their behinds handed to them.


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