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We need a book


I’m going to write a book from our point of view.  We need much more exposure.  This will not be a book simply expressing our point of view, but one consisting of irrefutable facts that support our point of view.

It will include facts from various diaries written by the people who post here.  I want to give the people who write those insightful posts the exposure they deserve.

I’ll need your input and encouragement to get the job done.  Until we get exposure on a very broad scale, we’re like trees falling in the middle of the forest, “They don’t make a sound”.

This book will utilize facts from various diaries that will inform people of things they should know, but have eluded them because they are never mentioned by the media.  These are things which are critical to their everyday lives.  This will not be a political book, but a survival book for those who are struggling.

I will very much appreciate your comments and opinions about this.

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