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So Obama get four more years. and Elizabeth Warren is elected to the Senate along with Heidi Heitkamp and Allen Grayson, Patrick Murphy and Joe Garcia to the House. Among other notables and all those Democratic stalwarts and liberals and other lefties are so convinced that this is the beginning. That truth, justice and the American way will prevail and working with in the system is the only way.


If this were the case we would have national health, solar and wind energy popping up like bean sprouts, rail systems and public transportation systems in every good sized burgh and the jails would be overflowing with Wall Street bankers. And the last I checked the AMA and big Hospitals and insurance companies still call the shots, oil and gas and coal companies are still raking in the dough and our rail systems are falling apart.
Then there are those who firmly believe that if Jill Stein of the Green Party – the soccer mom candidate – or one of the others had been given a fair shake, they would have had half a chance.


Look at the results people. Nearly half the country thought some glorified sleaze bag used car salesman was a better pick than a technocratic Ivy Leaguer with no imagination. And a large number of them because he was white rather than black.

Listen up people this should give you a hint.

MORE ELIZABETH WARREN SPECULATION: FINANCE COMMITTEE? – From a top Hill watcher: “Finance may be a better fit. The banks all have tax issues that are at least as important as regulations, and that’s a better committee in terms of fundraising … and she’ll be in big demand as a Dem fundraiser the next two years. Plus … putting her on Finance would allow Schumer to tell the banks that he did something for them.Politico Morning Money

This maybe a rumor being spread but I guarantee you that neither Warren or anyone else will be allowed to make waves. Once you’re in DC you play by Wall Streets rules or you are disappeared. Assigned to some do nothing unimportant committee to get you out of the way unless you play ball. Do not look for any changes, even little ones.

But keep looking through that rose colored mist if you insist. Cheering your favorite professional wrestler. At least it will keep you out of trouble.