First Desire why do they want to believe their own lies

Reasons change desire Remains the same is a statement that bests describes modern polling Nate Silver excepted of course.

The Republicans, the Washington Media etc would all love to believe that America is a Center Right country and what they the 1% want is actually what the majority wants.

Why do they want this? Because if the majority of Americans do want what they want then they won’t feel guilty about being rich. Not that there is anything wrong with being rich.

But there is something wrong with being rich at the expense of others. The bank baiilout saved the 1%  but the banking crisis cost millions of jobs and caused home prices to crash for the rest of us and we have yet to get any Freakin Help!

The 1% want to assuage their guilt and fear over our anger over this by claiming that they are actually helping us, never mind the rich have been getting richer and the poor poorer since Reagan with a small break during the Clinton years.


Next reasons why the GOP and Washington Media lies failed this time


If you repeat something often enough every acts likes its true and responds accordingly at least until its shown to be false in a big public way. This is why the Tea Baggers could claim a mandate because the Media reported that they had huge crowds and public support. The Media kept on acting like the Tea Baggers mattered even when   “ the tea party is “less popular than much maligned groups like ‘atheists’ and ‘Muslims.'”


The Media and the Republicans kept on insisting that America is a Center Right Nation and that Obama needs to compromise with the Tea Bagger House of Representatives and Centerist Senators like Joe Lieberman to get things done. Never mind that Congress has had historically low approval ratings for the last few years. These numbers low poll numbers began not coincidentally after Congress started blocking Obama’s agenda


PRINCETON, NJ — Twenty-one percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, higher than the 13% Gallup measured in September, and the highest rating in any month since May 2011. October 24, 2012

These facts were known for years before the election but ignored it is only now with Obama’s election that the GOP has to face publicly their biggest mistake which is believing their own lies.

If anything Obama’s biggest mistake was listening to and not standing up to the the Tea Baggers and the Media. Now then despite a historic unemployment rate no President after WW2  has ever been reelected with the Republicans lost because a majority of voters thought Mitt’s and the GOP’s ideas to fix unemployment were worse. One wonders what the vote totals would have been for Obama  if Karl Rove did not spend $103 million on this election.

Reason 2)   The GOP voter models thought that Obama won only because he was Black and that after the novelty wore off White voters would see just how wrong they were about Obama and rejoin the GOP in numbers enough to defeat Obama’s African American vote. Hispanic, Women, Gays, Younger Voters were all expected to be denied the vote, to turn around when faced with long voting lines and/or  be so stressed by the economy that they would ignore how the GOP hated Women, Gays, Hispanics etc and place their own economic welfare above others Rights

a)   Voters did not see how in hell that  that tax cuts for the rich would help Them get jobs.

b) The GOP thought that long voting lines in minority areas would depress voter turn out, instead it made people mad and enough to wait hours to vote.

The GOP thought that they could restrict the number of people voting with voter I.D laws, lies about wrong polling places, threats about voter fraud and going to jail etc. I wonder what voter turnout would have been without the GOP trying to Stop the Vote?



Reason 3) Garbage in Garbage out BradBlog’s concerns about voting machines stealing the election were laughed off by Washington Media types like Chuck Todd.  But Bush did steal the election in Florida and four years later in Ohio why should we expect this year to be different? Nobody thinks the GOP wanted to steal the election us 4 years ago with an economy about to collapse. However if you accept Chuck’s False Implied  Premise that those elections were not stolen then you cannot help but come to a false conclusion about what Minority voter turnout was for the last few elections.


4) ANONYMOUS Puts Karl Rove and American Cross Roads on Notice: We Are Watching You…Do Not Attempt To Rig The Election

Maybe just Maybe Anonymous kept Karl from stealing this election?





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