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Jill Stein gets 0.35% of the vote – Jill Stein Supporters: Is there anything wrong with this picture?


UPDATE: As per my comment #33:

Sadly, nobody wants to address either:
Can somebody at least tell me why, given that a few people have posted comments, nobody wants to address my QUESTION’s?
Once again, I’m baffled by the progressive blogosphere….

Stein/Honkala racked up less than 400,000 votes. This is far less than Obama’s 58 million +, and Romney’s 56 million +.

I have a question for Jill Stein voters. And that is: did she use her Presidential run to the best, long-term effect, for the Green Party?

I say “absolutely not”, and made a number of criticism/suggestions of her and her campaign. See, e.g.,

The Sound of 60 Hands Clapping – Examples of Probably Dysfunctional Political Movements (Occupy, Greens, anti-Foreclosure) and Towards an Ecology of Activism, Capable of Surpassing Tipping Points

Metamars’ New Rule for 3rd Party Presidential Candidates Who Want to be Taken Seriously – You must commit to party-building through +3 years after the election

UPDATED: I see yet another “Dead Person” – Jill Stein failing to degrade the stranglehold of the D/R duopoly.

Do you think that Stein WILL commit to party building (with an explicit plan, however imperfect), now that the election is over?

Do you think that Stein SHOULD commit to party building (with an explicit plan, however imperfect), even now that the election is over?

Should Green Party supporters look to pamphlet schools*, with or without Jill Stein’s leadership? (Schools and churches being about the only points of congregation in suburbs. I assume shopping malls, being privately owned, will prohibit political activity. I’ve even read of somebody getting arrested, inside a mall, for wearing a political tee-shirt that mall management didn’t like.)

Should high-profile public individuals (e.g., Noam Chomsky, who supported Jill Stein) be petitioned not to support any 3rd party candidate who won’t publicly commit to explicit party building long after their campaign? (See my ‘new rule’, above.)

Insofar as 3rd party candidates don’t show leadership in building up their respective 3rd parties, after and between elections, I think that donkeytale is essentially correct (though not in the sense he claims) that such presidential candidates are “vanity candidates”. It may not be their intention to be vanity candidates, but it’s hard to distinguish what the effects are, between their candidacies, and a (hypothetical) “vanity candidacy”.

* I mean by utilizing public spaces – like sidewalks – next to schools. I don’t mean trying to get inside school building, though I suppose that’s worth a shot.

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