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[Update] #NoMoreForeclosure and Your Town P?o?r?t?l?a?n?d?,? ?O?r?e?g?o?n?

You may have been following the liveblogging of Portland, Oregon’s latest military-style evictions conducted by Portland’s police union, Multnomah County police and others (unmarked vehicles observed at the event) which occured on October 30, 2012 at the Williams’ home in the South East quadrant of the City.

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1:49 PM – 30 Oct 12 · Details

Yesterday on the US’ federal election day at 8 AM another military-style eviction was run on Portlanders in the North East quadrant but apparently with the intention of as few witnesses as possible (“Another Family Resisting Foreclosure Evicted From Home,” The Portland Mercury, by Denis C. Theriault, Nov. 6, 2012):

But in a shift, according to activists with We Are Oregon, deputies seemed to be trying to subvert the same rapid-response network of sympathizers who showed up last week. Angus Maguire, spokesman for the group, said deputies in unmarked cars waited until Will Sirotak left the house with his granddaughter and then tailed him, even detaining him briefly, before knocking on the door of the home. Eventually, both the home’s front and back doors were broken down and Heather Sirotak was escorted out while still in her pajamas—her phone, which she was using to call supporters, having been taken away.

Such activity comes on the heels of the US Department of Justice’s settlement with the Portland Police Bureau (“Feds, Portland Police Announce Final Package of Reforms,” The Portland Mercury, by Denis C. Theriault, Oct. 26, 2012) and a pattern of activity by officials citizens are questioning state-wide (“Activists Want Police Not To Evict Homeowners Facing Foreclosure,” Oregon Public Broadcasting, Nov. 05, 2012) as judges, as Oregon 4th Judicial District Judge Honorable Marilyn Litzenberger (biography, photo), are attempting to vigorously defend their jurisdictions. Many homeowners are aware that they continued to be targeted for non-voluntary property transfer by companies who benefit from property (re)development on top of the excuse of governments neglecting to be prepared for natural disasters (“Storm-Washing: The New Bank Ploy to Milk Foreclosure Relief PR In Storm-Wrecked Areas,” by , November 6, 2012). We Are Oregon has petitions open telling government officials to stop subsidizing bank profits with foreclosure evictions paid for with public money:

Tell Sheriff Staton to Stop Evictions

Tell the City Commissioners to keep families in their homes.

On Nov. 9, 2012 at 3 PM PST, a rally against foreclosure evictions will be held at the Mulnomah County Sherriffs office.

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