Jon Tester Wins The Montana Senate Race

Jon Tester

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) wins again

Sen. Jon Tester (D) has won re-election in Montana. The election was called by the AP this morning. With 84 percent of precincts reporting, Tester is at 48.8 percent, Rep. Denny Rehberg (R) is at 44.7 percent and Libertarian Dan Cox is at 6.5 percent.

This caps off what has been a very bad election for Senate Republicans. So far Democrats have picked up Republican held seats in Massachusetts, Indiana and Maine (presuming Independent Angus King caucuses with Democrats). On the other hand Republicans have only managed to take Nebraska away from the Democrats. If Democrat Heidi Heitkamp holds on to her narrow lead in North Dakota, Democrats will end up net two seats in the Senate.

Given that Democrats had twice as many seats to defend this cycle as the Republicans and many of the Democratic-held seats were in states won overwhelmingly by Mitt Romney, this is a truly remarkable development. Despite the Republicans having an incredibly favorable playing field this year in the Senate and doing relatively well in the House races, they lost basically every competitive Senate contest. While a two seat swing may not seem large, compared to how well Senate Republicans could have done this is a crushing loss.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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