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Does Jane Hamsher Even Know I Exist?

*** Please Note: This was originally posted at my fabulous blog I am not a stalker. I’m actually a good kid. Until recently I was actually on top of the zeitgeist until Aaron Walker stole my destiny. Please do not banhammer myself nor my good buddy donkeytale.

Thanks ~~ the true talent ***

So I was on stalking donkeytale’s mailed-in entries. I worked my way up to his most recent dairy, Why I’m Voting and for Whom.

This historic troll has been apparently working for years as a Democratic operative on Netroot milieu blahgs. From attacking Ralph Nader to sweetie Jill Stein, his primary goal has been to herd fake lefties into voting for the DLC nominee.

This year he claims to be voting for Gary Johnson. I don’t have a clue about him or Jill. I may be a rugged, blogger version of Rudolph Valentino, to be honest I am as cynical as it comes to elections. I simply do not believe that my vote counts. Others may retort, “Well Mister, if everyone takes that position, then it’s your own fault when looosers like GW Bush are elected.”

Uhm, no. There is simply no such socratised butterfly effect. So stifle it, Edith.

But I digress.

To my chagrin and shock/awe, FDL owner Jane Hamsher made the first post.

I have to say donkeytale, that nobody has been a bigger advocate for Obama here than you.

This is a surprise.

Wtf? Not only did she add to donk’s entry, she implied she follows his schtick very closely.

I should’ve been nicer to donkeytale. For Janey is the type of gal I would marry no questions asked. Unless she’s already married. I don’t believe in bigamy.

ooh la la

Arguably Ms. Hamsher is most well-known for having produced Natural Born Killers starring Woody from Cheers.

I am not deeply in love with her based on that. As a leftier than thou, it is her progressive leanings which I have found most appealing. If I had to pick one blogger to do sushi with after honey pie Larisa “I Vouch for Brett Kimberlin” Alexandrovna, it would be Jane Hamsher. I believe Alexandrovna is actually already married, and come to think of it, I hate her guts.

Oh the irony of it all. For the last several years donkeytale has been relying on my top of the internet zeitgeist status to stay afloat as he plummeted into irrelevance. But now the tables have turned. I never saw this comeback in the works for him. And now I am the one who is down to 12 page views a day from the eyes of my dwindling audience.

Donkeytale, please forgive me. I was wong.

If it works out with Jane, I’d like you to be my best man. If you can’t make it to the wedding, there is always Ron Brynaert.

Since I can’t sing, I’ll let this dude do the serenading on my behalf.

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