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A long night, with a lot of great news…the 47% woke up and rejected womb-control, anti-gay bigotry and teabaggery

That was a long night of election coverage. The President won handily, Elizabeth Warren won, Wisconsin is sending the first out lesbian to the U.S. Senate (Tammy Baldwin), marriage equality was affirmed (Maine, Maryland, and it looks like Washington state also) and discrimination rejected (Minnesota) where it was on the ballot, and so many of 2012 icons of misogyny, religion-based bigotry, and extremist teabaggery went down in flames last night (Akin, Mourdock, Allen West, Joe Walsh, etc.). We’ve still got some crazies to deal with — Michele Bachmann, Steve King for example — but the message around the country was loud and clear. Get people back to work and stop trying to control people through misogyny and other random American Taliban nonsense.

I chronicled some of the right-wing nutbags last night:

And I couldn’t help myself — NOM took a savage beating last night. Pull out the tiny violin for Brian Brown…

And some on the right were in complete denial and looked like jack@sses. It’s an altered state of reality on Faux News.

Batsh*t results in spite of the good news:

* Sheriff Joe Arpaio was re-elected.
* Tennessee U.S. Rep, fundie and physician who used his patient list as a dating resource (and knocked up one gf and pressured her to have an abortion, Scott DesJarlais, also held his seat. Tennessee, you need an intervention.

We didn’t fare too well here in North Carolina either. Our state is still paying for the 2010 mid-terms and redistricting. As of last night NC now has an anti-equality business tool GOP governor, Pat McCrory, to go with our Republican-controlled legislature. I live in a state where equality isn’t coming any time soon, so this election for me on a personal level was about protecting the direction of the U.S. Supreme Court as much as anything else. At least we know civil rights road blocks will not be coming from Washington.

Michelle, I have never loved you more. I have never been prouder to watch the rest of the nation fall in love w/you too.” The full transcript of his speech is here.

Now Mitt and Ann can go home (which one, I’m not sure).

Will the GOP get the hint that utter contempt for the 47%, the uteri and brown folks will get them NOWHERE going forward? That party needs to throw the embarrassing bigots and fundies overboard. The problem is that they cannot field a palatable candidate because their primary is infested with teabaggers and fundies and bigots — no moderate candidate can survive, and a complete phony like Romney can’t etch-a-sketch his way back to the center. Too bad.

How did the fundies fail so wildly? Sarah Posner has thoughts.

If you had listened to Ralph Reed or Tony Perkins, you might have thought the mighty values voters of 2004 were going to turn out in huge numbers and tip the election to Mitt Romney. Instead, he lost, as did the Republican Party’s worst specimens in the culture wars, the rape apologists Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. And marriage equality has passed in two states (as of this writing, Maryland and Maine), and pot was legalized in Washington and Colorado. (Brace yourself for tomorrow’s apocalyptic conference calls, emails, op-eds, and press briefings.)

But what went wrong for Reed, Perkins, et al.?

They represent a coalition in decline — white religious conservatives — while Obama has a more diverse one, made up of various religious and non-religious voters, whites, blacks, and Latinos.


I’m relieved, but toast. I realized that there’s nothing left of me to wring out for another presidential election cycle or equality campaign. I have to focus on keeping my health above water in order to stay gainfully employed, since, in the end, I’m on my own on that front.
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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding