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Throw the Baby Out!

But save the bath water, we may have to drown the others.

Most of us flip a light switch or turn an ignition key about a dozen times a day, carelessly, completely, blindly trusting that we will get results; light, transportation, whatever at our fingertips. How a light bulb, or alternating current or even household bleach works, we haven’t a clue. Still, about half of us feel totally justified and righteous about denouncing “the science behind global warming.” It’s junk, we’re told by Steve Doozy of FoxNoise and James Inhofe and others who, frankly, wouldn’t know junk if it was hanging between their legs. This science comes from NASA, the folks who put a rover on Mars! Personally, I’m skeptical. “Them lights in the sky?” I’m always saying, “them’s holes poked in a blanket. And them silvery flyin’ thangs in the sky? You really b’lieve there’s people in them? Me, I’m skeptical.”

I don’t know what words even mean any more. In an age of galloping glaciers, phrases like “the glacial pace of change” just don’t pack the same punch. Go out in the yard and find the baby, I think she was holding a lollypop. It’ll rinse off. Good thing we saved that bath water.

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