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This election was a failure. At a time of deep economic crisis it produced no mandates, no solutions and no winning party.

About 206  million Americans were eligible to vote.          

Of the eligible voters a total of 146 million Americans, or about 75%, actually registered to vote.  That’s an unusually high ratio that reflects mounting rage about the depression and insistent demands for positive action by voters. Of those registered voters Obama got roughly 54.5 million votes or a bit under 50% of the total final vote (as distinguished from both the eligible and registered votes).   Romney got about 53.5 votes or just under 49% of the total vote. Approximately one quarter didn’t register and among registered voters about one third didn’t vote.  Obama and Romney split half of the eligible vote and non voters comprised the other half of eligible voters.

It was clear throughout the campaign that working people were desperate for solutions to unemployment, the Depression and for an end to wars of aggression and high GI causalities. It was clear that workers wanted socialized medicine. They were offered no solutions. Obama said he was for excellence in education, which we know from their actions in Chicago means busting teachers unions. As for the rest Obama and Romney engaged in personal attacks and little else. Romney correctly accused Obama for forgetting the unemployed but conveniently omitted the fact that many of them are victims of his own corporate piracy. Obama was telling the truth when he accused Romney of having a callous attitude towards workers but declined to say why he’s done nothing real or substantial to reduce the nearly 15%, four year long run of the violence of unemployment, poverty and homelessness.

Both ignored their insurance reform plans because there are so few differences. Romney because he wanted to attract Teaparty voters and Obama because he didn’t want it known that he and Romney agreed on making insurance companies, HMOs and big Pharma richer at the expense of workers, especially poorer workers and seniors. During the next four years Democrats will do anything and everything to please the rich and so will Republicans.

Both pretended to have differences about the prosecution of mad dog wars of aggression against Arabs and muslims and out did each other in promising to supply more bullets and phosphorous bombs for the mad dog zionist ethnic cleansers.

Both promised to increase the level of forced austerity and continue attacks on the last shreds of the Bill of Rights. They aim to gut entitlements like Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

Both agreed to continue to attack teachers unions under the guise of ‘excellence’ in education. Neither will let up on their attack on unions because it’s the key to driving down workers wages and engorging the rich at the expense of workers.

Working people are out in the cold with gutless union leaders and another failed election with no solutions in sight. We have no choice but to build workers parties and create a workers government.  


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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue