After Richard’s passing, many firepups expressed concern for his cats and wished to help in some way.  I realize that right now is a time when there is a lot of need, but if you are able, would you consider a small donation to a fund that will be used to help Richard’s cats relocate to a new and caring home?

His friend and primary caretaker of his beloved kittehs knows of a couple who would be happy to take all of the cats.  They will try to find loving homes for those who can be placed with a family, and the ferals would have a safe and caring environment for the rest of their lives.

Here is part of the email that Richard’s vet tech friend sent me:

 “Thank you for caring about our kitty situation.  I wish you could see how lovely the cats are.  They miss Richard as much as we do. He provided a quiet loving environment for cats others rejected, but many of them are feral and impossible to place in “normal” homes.  I work at …. where I met Richard. I am allowed to bring one cat at a time to find a home.  That being said, we have five who could do well with families and four too feral to be acceptable.
Many years ago I was fortunate enough to meet George Ann.  She has a huge tract of land north of Tampa. ANY living animal who is homeless welcome. Several years ago I got to visit the compound and I was so grateful to find the conditions clean, animals clean , medical care provided by a veterinarian.  She and her husband have dedicated their lives to the mission.  There are two feral cat colonies, kitten homes, free range chickens, horses, dogs etc. all getting along and cared for.”
It is expensive to operate a shelter such as this, so there will be a fee associated with the cats’ transport and care.  If you can help, please email me at omali8640 at gmail dot com and I will provide details.  Thanks so much, Richard has contributed so much to us here at the Lake.  This would be a way to honor him and help the kittehs that he loved so much.