Election Live Blog – Part 1

It is election night. At 6:00 pm some polls closed in Indiana and Kentucky. At 7:00 pm polls closed in Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia.

The early elections results to watch are the Senate races in Indiana and Virginia. In addition Virginia is an important swing state in the Presidential race. It is a must win for Mitt Romney, so if it is called for Obama early in the night that would mean the election is effectively over.

7:oo pm – Polls are now closed in a few states and we have a small trickle of results from Indiana and Kentucky.

7:05 pm – The exit polling in Virginia is looking pretty good for Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine but exit polling is not always accurate.

7:20 pm – In the Indiana Senate race with 6 percent reporting it is Richard Mourdock (R) 47% to Joe Donnelly (D) 47%. This is a good sign for Donnelly since the Democratic heavy places have not started reporting.

7:30 pm – Polls are now closed in Ohio, North Carolina and West Virginia.

7:33 pm – The exit polling has Obama leading in Ohio. Again exit polls are not always accurate but things are going as expect for Obama at this point.

7:40 pm – The second wave of exit polling which combines data from actual results is currently pointing to a solid win for Obama.

You can find part two of the live blog here.

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