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A One-Click Way to Get Stuff to Sandy’s Victims: The Occupy Sandy Amazon Registry (UPDATE: Now with New Jersey Registry!)

Passing this along as a public service (h/t to the Atlantic):

Occupy Sandy isn’t getting married. But it would like a gift all the same. 

The volunteer group — an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, focused on helping victims of the storm — is using an especially clever hack of an existing system: Amazon’s gift registry service. Those displaced by the storm, the group realized, need blankets. They need flashlights. They need hygiene products. They need a bunch of things that are orderable — with that famous one-click efficiency — through Amazon. Now, anyone who uses Amazon can buy them those things, and have them shipped to the area hardest hit by the storm. Victims need stuff; people want to give them stuff; Occupy Sandy, via Amazon, is bringing them together.

When you visit the registry, you see this message:

Description: Help donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy by shipping items to the Occupy Sandy relief outpost at the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Clinton Hill (520 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238). Our team: John Heggestuen, Alex Nordenson, and Katherine Dolan. We are Brooklyn residents and are in touch with the Occupy Sandy team who will receive the shipped items and organize daily deliveries to priority response areas. We are the updating the registry as we get updates on what is needed most in affected areas. PLEASE pay for the most expedited shipping – these items are needed ASAP! PLEASE NOTE the registry does not update automatically. Your purchases may not be reflected for 24-48 hours, but you will receive a purchase confirmation right away. ***UPDATE: To help us track inventory instantaneously send an email to letting us know what you donated*** Please follow us on Twitter for further updates: @SandyRegistry ***@Sandyregistry is back up!!! Email with questions/feedback on the registry and email for additional info about our team*** ***Tweet @amazon for free shipping and tech support for the registry!*** ***We are setting up an inventory management team at the church to ensure donations are accounted for*** ***If you are having any issues with the “Gift Registry” saved address for the church not auto-populating please enter it manually: The Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew 520 Clinton Ave Brooklyn, New York 11238 ***
NOTE: This couple has requested no gift wrap.

You know what to do.

UPDATE: Thanks to EmbraceYourInnerCrone, we now know that Occupy Sandy has a New Jersey registry on Amazon as well:

There is a separate Amazon registry for the NJ Occupy effort:

For up-to-date information about how to help, visit or

Thanks, EYIC!

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