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A look ahead – the next four years. Welcome to West Athens.

During the next four years Democrats will do anything and everything to please the rich and so will Republicans.

Their mock election was characterized by a lack of real political discussion on the key questions of war, the depression, unemployment, forced austerity and deepening attacks on the last shreds of the Bill of Rights. On all these questions both parties answered  ‘me too’ without, of course, going into much detail. 

Both candidates and their parties agreed to use the excuse of a defect, which they created, by giving trillions to the rich. They aim to gut entitlements like Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

Neither will pass laws to create socialized medicine. 

Both agree to continue the wars against Arab and muslim nations and to reposition forces against China. 

Neither will stop funding the ethnic cleansing campaigns of the zionists in occupied Palestine. 

Both agree to continue to attack teachers unions under the guise of ‘excellence’ in education.  

Neither will let up on their attack on unions because it’s the key to driving down workers wages and engorging the rich at the expense of workers. Both agreed to impose deeper cuts in social spending, sabotage any attempts to create socialized medicine. 

Both will refuse to do anything meaningful to end Depression levels of unemployment.

Neither will enact real laws to limit the rampant sexual abuse of children in cult settings or measures to protect them from the violence of homelessness and poverty. 

Both will continue to gut the Bill of Rights, constrict democratic discussion and both will take the velvet glove off the iron fist of repression as people wake up to reality of living in austerity. 

Working people will be left out in the cold.

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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue