…and on the ninth week, He rested.

The New York Sky Pilots are off today which means more time for church for Juicebox Jesus. Praise!

In the meantime, Timmy seems to be accepting The Role that God has planned for him:

Tim Tebow developing close relationship with Jets’ special teams coordinator, Mike Westhoff

Tebow was not traded by Thursday’s 4 p.m. deadline to go off and be a starting quarterback somewhere. He will remain with the Jets as a backup quarterback, part-time H-back, running back and everything else they’ve asked of him over eight weeks of ups and downs. Inside the offense, he is not nearly as involved as he has been his entire football life — under center, directing an offense, touching the ball on virtually every play.

But on special teams, and with Westhoff, Tebow has a relationship not unlike the ones he had with quarterbacks coaches and offensive coordinators throughout high school and college. He can be creative. A game-changer. In control.

In many ways, it’s the closest he’s come to what he’s looking for.

“When you’re involved in coming up with something, you’re always going to take more ownership over what that is than if it’s just told to you, in my opinion,” Tebow told The Star-Ledger recently. “Being involved in it, and trying to be creative with coach Westhoff, you try and take more ownership.”

God has given him lemons, and he is making Special Teams-ade with them.



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