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Sunday Talking Heads: November 4, 2012

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Will Farrell will do ANYTHING to get you to go out and vote.

Today’s FDL Book Salon is Irregular Army, Marcy and bmaz will be trash talking on Virtually Speaking this evening, and Monday FDL Movie Night features Living Downstream, not to be missed.

You’ll be quite surprised to learn all the talk shows will talk about today is the 2012 Presidential race, they will wait until next week to start in on 2016.

Washington Journal.

ABC’s This Week:  White House senior adviser David Plouffe and Romney campaign senior adviser Ed Gillespie. Roundtable: George Will, Cokie Roberts, Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, Ronald Brownstein.

CBS’ Face the Nation:  Roundtable:  Harvard’s David Gergen, National Review’s Rich Lowry, Vanity Fair’s Dee Dee Myers, The Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan, CBS’ John DickersonNumbers Roundtable: Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg, Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez, Rothenberg Political Report’s Stu Rothenberg, University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato, CBS News Elections Director Anthony Salvanto.

Chris Hayes:  Sasha Issenberg (@sissenberg), author of “The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns,” columnist and Washington correspondent for Monocle. Evan Wolfson (@evanwolfson), founder and president of Freedom to Marry. Mason Tvert, executive director of Kim Barker (@Kim_Barker), reporter for Katrina vanden Heuvel (@katrinanation), editor and publisher of The Nation magazine. Joy Reid (@TheReidReport), MSNBC contributor, managing editor of Josh Barro (@jbarro), Bloomberg View columnist. Bob Herbert (@BobHerbert), distinguished senior fellow. Suman Raghunathan, director of policy and strategic partnerships for the non-partisan Progressive States Network.

Chris Matthews.

CNN’s State of the Union:  Chicago Mayor and Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and the key Romney adviser, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman. Roundtable: Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, Democratic strategist Steve Elmendorf, CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash, PBS’ Gwen Ifill.

Fareed Zakaria – GPS:  Fareed on the U.S. economy. Roundtable: columnist Joe Klein, economist Ken Rogoff, and commentators Amity Shlaes and Chrystia Freeland. Then, Mali.  Plus money, happiness, and fracking.

Fox News Sunday:  Rich Beeson, the Political Director for the Romney Campaign.  Then, David Axelrod, the Senior Strategist for the Obama Campaign. Roundtable: Brit Hume, Joe Trippi, Karl Rove, Jeff Zeleny.

Moyers & Company:  Will the Supreme Court Reaffirm Affirmative Action? Laura Flanders discusses the Fisher v. University of Texas affirmative action case with Kimberlé Crenshaw and Luke Harris.

NBC’s Meet the Press:  White House Senior Adviser and architect of President Obama’s 2008 campaign, David Plouffe and House Majority Leader and representative from key battleground state Virginia, Rep. Eric Cantor (R). Roundtable: Mayor Cory Booker (D-Newark); MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough; GOP strategist Mike Murphy; TODAY co-host Savannah Guthrie; and NBC Special Correspondent, Tom Brokaw.

Newsmakers:  Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL).

Q & A:  Walter Stahr, author of a newly released biography titled “Seward: Lincoln’s Indispensable Man.” He explains that William H. Seward was one of the most important Americans of the nineteenth century. He details Seward’s service as a progressive governor of New York and an outspoken United States Senator, before he was chosen to serve as Abraham Lincoln’s secretary of state and became Lincoln’s closest adviser…

Religion & Ethics.

60 Minutes: The Broken Senate – Current and former senators, including the majority and minority Senate leaders, tell Steve Kroft why the U.S. Senate is bogged down in partisan gridlock.  McCullough – On the eve of the elections, popular author and historian David McCullough guides Morley Safer on an American historical journey, discovering many issues of today are the same as those of long ago.  Leader of the Pack – Reigning MVP of the NFL and a former Super Bowl MVP, the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league – a rare feat for a player who couldn’t get a college scholarship. Scott Pelley reports.

To the Contrary:  Panelists discuss the final push to court women voters, particularly in the swing states. Then, voters in four states weigh in on same-sex marriage this election season.

Univision’s Al Punto: David Axelrod, senior adviser to President Barack Obama and Ed Gillespie, senior adviser to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney; Maria Elena Salinas, Univision Network News Co-Anchor; Fabian Nuñez, Noticias Univision Democratic Analyst;  Helen Aguirre Ferré, Noticias Univision Republican Analyst; Alfonso Aguilar, Republican Analyst; Phillip Arroyo, Chairman of the Young Democrats of America Hispanic Caucus; Rep. Lois Capps (D-CA); Félix de Bedout, Univision Network News “Fin De Semana” Anchor.

Virtually Speaking:  Marcy Wheeler and bmaz: Are You Ready For Some Football?. No politics. No policy. No investigations. Just frackin’ football. Marcy and Bmaz host football talk at every weekend, but, tonight, live. So bring your trash talk. Follow @emptywheel @bmaz

C-SPAN’s Book TV:  In Depth: Kenneth C. Davis.

FDL’s Book Salon:  Irregular Army: How the US Military Recruited Neo-Nazis, Gang Members, and Criminals to Fight the War on Terror.  “Since the launch of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars—now the longest wars in American history—the US military has struggled to recruit troops. It has responded, as Matt Kennard’s explosive investigative report makes clear, by opening its doors to neo-Nazis, white supremacists, gang members, criminals of all stripes, the overweight, and the mentally ill. Based on several years of reporting, Irregular Army includes extensive interviews with extremist veterans and leaders of far-right hate groups—who spoke openly of their eagerness to have their followers acquire military training for a coming domestic race war. As a report commissioned by the Department of Defense itself put it, “Effectively, the military has a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy pertaining to extremism.””  Chat with Matt Kennard about his new book, hosted by Daryl Johnson.

FDL’s Movie Night Monday:   Living Downstream.  “Based on the acclaimed book by ecologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D., Living Downstream is an eloquent and cinematic feature-length documentary. This poetic and character-driven film follows Sandra during one pivotal year as she travels across North America, working to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links.”  8pm ET, Monday.

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