DEBATES Today & Tomorrow PLUS 2012 Marijuana Voters’ and Investors’ Guide PLUS A Right-to-Left Look at Presidential Candidates, Parties, Factions — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

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[Part of this article is still being edited, and not show here yet, but I am publishing it now while it is still being updated so that people can know in advance about the 3rd Party Presidential Debate hosted by Ralph Nader, starting at 4:30 Pacific Time – 7:30 pm Eastern. You can link to it here, and we can all live-blog it. Sunday’s Debate includes Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Rocky Anderson, and Virgil Goode. Monday’s just includes Stein and Johnson.]

The very first Presidential Debate of this Election cycle was eighteen months ago at First Churches of Northampton, Massachusetts (where I was presiding Minister at the time). Below is a scene from it. This was the first annual IGLO Debate, for Independents, Greens, Libertarians, and Others who support: (1) Ending the wars; (2) Marijuana reform; (3) Human Rights (including restoring Habeas corpus in the United States and again bringing our country into compliance with the Geneva Conventions).

To start the event I read a statement from Philadelphia area Anarchist Joe McCullough, who has worked with Jill Stein’s running mate, Green Vice Presidential candidate Cheri Honkala. Three prominent Socialists sent words of encouragement to be read in support of the Debate: Cindy Sheehan (now Vice Presidential running mate to Roseanne Barr in the Peace and Freedom Party – on the ballot in California and Florida); activist and contributor Robert Meeropol (son of Political Prisoners Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were executed in the 1950s); and Dr. Cornel West, who was on the original steering committee of the National Progressive Alliance, along with Sheehan, Jill Stein, NPA founder FDL’s Anthony Noel, recently arrested Labor activist Alan Maki, former Dennis Kucinich Press Secretary David Swanson of FDL, Paul Barrow of United Progressives, Editor and Publisher of Ballot Access News Richard Winger, and myself.

I tried to get the local chapter of the League of Women Voters to sponsor our IGLO Debate, but they declined. I invited a few others to participate: Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Gary Johnson, Vermont Socialist US Senator Bernie Sanders, Ron Paul, Barney Frank, Roseanne Barr, and Willie Nelson: Kucinich’s office spoke to us and considered it; Ron Paul’s office told us that the Congressman could not participate because Congress was in session, which must have applied to others on the list as well. Presidential candidate Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is Too Damn High Party agreed to participate by telephone, but other participants refused to Debate him via phone. (Some had traveled hundreds of miles to get here at their own expense, one had traveled thousands.)

Below is a very small segment of that first Debate of this cycle, the IGLO Debate, on April 14, 2011. In this segment, Independent Terry Franklin talks about the then-upcoming Freedom Bus Caravan, which protested for Marijuana reform during the campaigning for this year’s New Hampshire Presidential Primaries. Note the participants pictured below, from Left to Right: So far Left that I’m out of the picture is me, (1) Norman B, the moderator of the Debate; then, (2) the person pictured who is seated farthest Left is George Phillies, the last legitimate Libertarian Presidential candidate (in 2008 the Republican Party conducted a ‘legislative coup’/unfriendly takeover of the Libertarian Party but the Massachusetts Libertarian Party refused to field Right-wing Republican Bob Barr on its ballot, and George Phillies won the nomination – though this year Republican Gary Johnson completed the Republican takeover of the Libertarians); (3) next to George is Patrick Burke (former Membership Coordinator of the Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party) whom Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein dispatched personally here to speak for her in the Debate; (4) Vermin Supreme was a Republican at the time of this Debate, but Terry Franklin and I that night urged him to switch to Democrat so as to challenge Obama, which he later did with great results – he finished third in the 2012 New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary; (5) Terry Franklin is an Independent; (6) ([sometimes obscured] J.P. Hollenbeck and Lucia Fiero of the Pirate Party; and (7) legendary Political Prisoner John Sinclair, of the Youth International Party (Yippies), and founder of the Rainbow Peace Party and the White Panther Party (which he started to support the work of the Black Panther Party).

Narks busted John Sinclair. They targeted him for his political activities and protests and his protest music at the 1968 Democratic Convention. The Daley Political Machine/Chicago Mafia cops rioted and busted heads of hippie protesters there then. John Sinclair became a Political Prisoner, sentenced to 10 years in prison for two joints of Marijuana. He was freed through a protest concert and the efforts of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Frank Zappa, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, Commander Cody, and many others.

Today President Obama sits as the titular head of that Daley Political Machine/Chicago Mafia. The DPM/CM famously rigged two US Presidential Elections before rigging this year’s: (1) The 1960 Election in which dead people in Chicago gave John F. Kennedy just enough votes to win Illinois, and the nation; and (2) that 1968 Election, but holding their Police Riot, the Chicago Mafia ensured that Nixon would win that Election and pump up the Viet Nam War. Just to make extra sure, the corrupt Democrats nominated Lyndon Johnson’s pro-war Vice President Hubert Humphrey.


We hope to host a second annual IGLO Debate near the second anniversary of the first one, April 14, 2013.



Here’s the link to tonight’s Debate:  and

Tomorrow’s Debate may be aired on Here’s the link to info on tomorrow’s Debate between Jill Stein and Gary Johnson:

That Mafia allegiance seems to have served Obama well: He was allowed to draw the Gerrymander lines himself to rig his very first election, according to the documentary Gerrymandering. Since then, nearly all of the opponents he faced before running for President suspiciously backed out, sometimes because of sexual Blackmail, like John Edward.    and    and

This Guide does not advise you on where to invest your money or for whom to vote. Such serious decisions require research on your part. Good luck. (I am just reporting the phenomena and citing some examples.)

This Guide contains: (1) Marijuana reformers who will appear on the ballot in the nine Northeastern states (New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania), and Public Policy Questions (PPQs) on the ballot in New England; (2) States where Marijuana is or may be Legal, states voting on Marijuana/Hemp issues this November (along with failed efforts to do so), states with Legislative action this year on Marijuana; (3) a Right-to-Left list of Presidential candidates, political Parties, and other political factions active in the United States; (4) outstanding Marijuana stock investment opportunities – Cannabis Hemp stocks are now rising a lot, very fast, but not nearly as much and as fast as they’re about to.


(1) Marijuana-Friendly Candidates on the Ballot in the Northeast: Human Rights and Cannabis Hemp activist Terry Franklin prepared this first list, for Northeastern voters, of candidates on the ballot in the Northeast this Tuesday who support Hemp reform. Two days ago, I called him for permission to repost this guide, and he said he was coming over to bring me a yard sign “Vote Yes On  3,” our voter initiative Legalizing Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts. (I’ve already had my “Jill Stein for President” sign up for months.) Terry Franklin has been an Independent candidate for the US House of Representatives, and for Massachusetts State House. We both belong to the University of Massachusetts’ Cannabis Reform Coalition, which hosts Extravaganja on the Amherst Town Common annually, one of the biggest pro-Legalization events in the East.


Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, with their legalization initiatives, are the places to vote this year. If you have moved there recently, please do so. If you are from there, and still vote absentee, please do that. If you have a friend out there, make sure they are registered to vote. Call them on Election Day with a reminder, friendly or pesky, whichever the case requires.

But for us voters in the Northeast, I’ve put together this list of candidates in our own area who support marijuana legalization.

Not everyone is a single issue voter, but please keep this issue in mind when making your decision. Most of these people are “3rd party” candidates. Libertarians have been on board for decades — and it’s heartening to see a number of Greens joining them this year. Even without winning, minor party candidates can have an effect: One or both of the major parties see themselves losing voters, and will try to shift their platform in an effort to get them back in the next election. Even a few of those major party folks are coming over to the “tolerant” side this year. Legislative action, especially in Maine and Rhode Island have forced some to climb down off the fence. All candidates need to state their positions openly — if you ever run into one, take the opportunity to ask!

I tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible. However, there is no doubt I have missed someone — especially in the more local races. Carefully evaluate the positions of all the candidates on your ballot before going to the polls on Election Day. Even if someone has not come out for legalization, they may have a position on a lesser issue, such as medical, decrim, or hemp which is better than that of their opponent.

Please Distribute This List Widely
Party Designations:
(D) = Democrat
(R) = Republican
(L) = Libertarian
(G) = Green
(M) = US Marijuana Party
(J) = Justice
(I) = Independent


President–(L) Gary Johnson ~ President–(J) Ross “Rocky” Anderson
Senate–(L) Paul Pasarelli
Congress–(L) Dan Reale-2nd C.D. ~ Congress–(G) Colin Bennett-2nd C.D.
State Sen–(L) Marc Guttman-20th Dist. ~ State Rep–(L) Rich Lion-13th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Chris Grohs-52nd Dist. ~ State Rep–(G) David Bedell-125th Dist.


President–(L) Gary Johnson ~ President–(G) Jill Stein
Senate–(I) Andrew Dodge
State Sen–(G) Asher Platts-8th Dist. ~ State Sen–(D) Stan Gerzofsky-10th Dist. ~ State Sen–(R) Rich Cebra-13th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Andrew O’Brien-44th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Anna Blodgett-56th Dist ~ State Rep–(D) Mark Dion-113th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Anne Haskell-117th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Diane Russell-120th Dist. ~ State Rep–(R) Aaron Libby-139th Dist. ~ State Rep–(I) Wayne Mitchell-Penobscot Indian Nation


President–(L) Gary Johnson ~ President–(G) Jill Stein
Congress–(R) Sean Bielat-4th C.D. ~ Congress–(L) Daniel Fishman-6th C.D. ~ Congress–(R) Richard Tisei-6th C.D.
State Sen–(D) Cythia Creem-1st Middlesex & Norfolk
State Rep–(D) Joyce Spiliotis-12th Essex ~ State Rep–(D) Ted Speliotis-13th Essex ~ State Rep–(G) Scott Laugenaur-4th Berkshire ~ State Rep–(D) Ellen Story-3rd Hampshire ~ State Rep–(I) Bob Underwood-9th Hampden

QUESTION 3 — Mass has a medical marijuana question on the ballot this year. It is a binding Question, and will change the law.

In addition, 44 towns in MA have non-binding, but important, advisory questions, “PPQs,” on the ballot, concerning full legalization. Here are the Question #s, by town: Allston 5; Bernardston 7; Billerica 4; Boxford 4; Cambridge (some precincts) 5; Charlemont 5; Charlestown 5; Chelsea 5; Colrain 5; Dalton 8; Essex 4; Everett 5; Georgetown 5; Gloucester 4; Greenfield 5; Groveland 4; Hamilton 6; Hawley 5; Heath 5; Hinsdale 5; Ipswich 4; Leyden 5; Lynn (some precincts) 6; Manchester 4; Marblehead 6; Middleton 4; Monroe 5; Newbury 5; North Andover (some precincts) 4; Northfield 5; North Reading 4; Peru 5; Pittsfield (some precincts) 5; Rockport 4; Rowe 5; Rowley 4; Savoy 5; Somerville 6; Swampscott 6; Wenham 6; West Newbury 5; Wilmington 4; Winchester (some precincts) 5; Windsor 5.


President–(L) Gary Johnson
Governor–(L) John Babiarz
Congress–(L) Brendan Kelly-1st C.D. ~ Congress–(L) Arthur “Hardy” Macia-2nd C.D.
Exec. Council–(L) Howard Wilson-2nd Dist. ~ Exec. Council–(L) Michael Baldasarre-3rd Dist. ~ Exec. Council–(L) Ken Blevens-4th Dist.
State Sen–(L) Richard Kahn-14th Dist. ~ State Sen–(R) Lydia Harman-15th Dist ~ State Sen–(L) Rich Tomasso-16th Dist. ~ State Sen–(R) Phil Greazzo-20th Dist.
State Rep–(R) Mark Warden-Hillsborough 7th ~ State Rep–(L) Stephen Stefanik-Hillsborough 16th ~ State Rep–(L) Lisa Wilber-Hillsborough 39th ~ State Rep–(L) Aidan Ankarberg-Stafford 5th ~ State Rep–(L) Ian Freeman-Cheshire 6th
County Comm–(L) James Parker-Hillsborough 3rd ~ County Attorney–(L) Max Abramson-Rockingham
Reg. of Deeds–(L) Darryl Perry-Cheshire


President–(L) Gary Johnson ~ President–(G) Jill Stein ~ President–(J) Ross “Rocky” Anderson
Senate–(L) Kenneth Kaplan ~ Senate–(G) Ken Wolski
Congress–(L) John Ordille-2nd C.D. ~ Congress–(M) Robert Forchion-3rd C.D. ~ Congress–(L) Lee Flynn-6th C.D. ~ Congress–(L) Patrick McKnight-7th C.D. ~ Congress–(L) Mick Erickson-10th C.D.


President–(L) Gary Johnson ~ President–(G) Jill Stein
Senate–(L) Chris Edes ~ Senate–(G) Colia Clark
Congress–(L) Michael McDermott-3rd C.D. ~ Congress–(L) Catherine Wark-5th C.D. ~ Congress–(L) Daniel Halloran-6th C.D. ~ Congress–(G) Vivia Morgan-9th C.D.
St. Rep–(G) Jeffrey Peress-13th Dist. ~ St. Rep–(R)+(L) David Casavis-73rd Dist. ~ St. Rep–(L) James Campbell-108th Dist. ~ St. Rep–(L) Mark Glogowski-139th Dist.


President–(L) Gary Johnson ~ President–(G) Jill Stein
Senate–(L) Rayburn Smith
Attorney Gen–(L) Marakay Rogers
Auditor–(L) Betsy Summers
Treasurer–(L) Patricia Fryman
Congress–(L) Mike Koffenberger-4th C.D. ~ Congress–(I) John Murphy-16th C.D.
State Rep–(L) Erik Viker-85th Dist. ~ State Rep–(L) David Moser-95th Dist. ~ State Rep–(L) Ken Krawchuk-153rd Dist.


President–(L) Gary Johnson ~ President–(G) Jill Stein ~ President–(J) Ross “Rocky” Anderson
State Sen–(D) Jaun Pichardo-2nd Dist. ~ State Sen–(L) Mike Rollins-4th Dist. ~ State Sen–(D) Harold Metts-6th Dist. ~ State Sen–(D) Joshua Miller-28th Dist. ~ State Sen–(D) William Walaska-30th Dist. ~ State Sen–(D) Susan Sosnowski-37th Dist. ~ State Sen–(R) John Lindholm-37th Dist. – Both Candidates!
State Rep–(D) Edith Ajello-1st Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Chris Blazejewski-2nd Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) John Lombardi-8th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Scott Slater-10th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Grace Diaz-11th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Arthur Handy-18th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) David Bennett-20th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Scott Guthrie-28th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Donna Walsh-36th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Larry Valencia-39th Dist. ~ State Rep–(R) Michael Chippendale-40th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Jeremiah O’Grady-46th Dist. ~ State Rep–(R) Brian Newberry-48th Dist. ~ State Rep–(I) Michael Moniz-49th Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Mary Messier-62nd Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) Samuel Lovett-63rd Dist. ~ State Rep–(D) John Edwards-70th Dist. ~ State Rep–(L) Daniel Gordon-71st Dist.
City Council–(I) Catharine Leach-Warwick 6th


President–(L) Gary Johnson ~ President–(J) Ross “Rocky” Anderson
Governor–(D) Peter Shumlin ~ Governor–(I) Emily Peyton ~ Governor–(M) Cris Ericson ~ Senate–(M) Cris Ericson-She’s running for both
State Sen–(G) Larkin Forney-Chittenden County
State Rep–(D) Jean O’Sullivan-Chittenden 6-2 ~ State Rep–(R) Paul Dame-Chittenden 8-2

In addition, Burlington has a non-binding, but important, advisory question onvthe ballot about legalization.

Compiled by Terry Franklin



(2) Electoral & Legislative Action on Marijuana This Year, State-by-State

MMJ             VOTING                           LEG. ACTION             OTHER
*Alaska                                                                                 Legal per State Constitution
~~~~~~~~~~Arkansas (MMJ)~~~~~~~Arkansas
California    California (MMJ)
Colorado      Colorado (Hemp, Rec)
*Florida                                                    Florida                     Completely Legal ‘Script’
~~~~~~~~~~Illinois (MMJ)~~~~~~~Illinois
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kentucky               Strong Hemp movement
Maine                                                                                             Industrial Hemp Legal
**Mass           Massachusetts (MMJ)   Mass                              Two loopholes
Missouri (MMJ)          Missouri
Montana                  Montana                                                                             Voting on Repeal
Nevada                                              Nevada
~~~~~~~~~~~~*New Hampshire (Hemp)                                            Civil Disobedience movement
New Jersey    New Jersey (Hemp)
New Mexico    New Mexico (Hemp)
~~~~~~~~~~~~*New York (MMJ)          New York                       Smoke-Easies operating
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~North Carolina
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~N. Dakota: Signatures Disqualified
~~~~~~~~~~~~*Ohio (MMJ)                    Ohio                                >100 grams
Oregon            Oregon (Rec)
~~~~~~~~~~Pennsylvania (MMJ)    Pennsylvania
Rhode Island
~~~~~~~~~~South Carolina

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Strong Hemp movement in South Dakota
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Texas has Willie Nelson
Vermont          Vermont (Hemp, Rec) Vermont
Washington    Washington (Rec)
West Virginia
Wisconsin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*Strong Hemp movement

The Electoral Vote total of the states voting on Marijuana Tuesday is 246: It just takes 270 to win the Election. Repeal Prohibition.

*Loopholes and “Other”: The State Constitutions of Alaska and Wisconsin have privacy provisions that can make many Marijuana situations unprosecutable. Willie Nelson pushes for Legalization of Hemp and Marijuana: If Willie’s all Texas has, that’s something nobody else has. In Florida, Marijuana is fully Legal for prescription: Only 7 patients get it. In North Dakota, after getting the measure on the ballot, signatures were disqualified. (Election rigging?) Industrial Hemp is Legal in Maine. Montana is voting to Repeal its Marijuana law. Smoke-Easies operate in New York City. In Ohio, you must possess over 100 grams of Marijuana to get a ticket for it: Almost no one has that much. Massachusetts has two loopholes mitigating Marijuana Prohibition: If the patient has Asthma, AIDS, or Cancer, Medical Necessity for Compassion can be claimed; and if ticket for Marijuana, the offender does not need to give the police a correct name, and if a fine is imposed for Marijuana possession, the offender can Legally ignore paying the fine. In South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Nation, people were growing Hemp to make Hempcrete which actually removes Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere permanently. Of course, the Obama Administration cracked down on them.

The only seven states without significant Hemp/Marijuana electoral or legislative activity in 2012 are: Minnesota, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Virginia, Louisiana, and Georgia.


(3) List of Presidential Candidates, Parties, and Factions, Read-Right-to-Left

It’s Koch vs. Pot this Election, as the Right-wing billionaire Koch brothers pour money into both pro- and anti-Marijuana forces, hedging their bets, trying to make sure that if Marijuana wins out, it will be carried forward by their minions [who will then presumably sell out the interests of Marijuana proponents, since the Kochs are heavily invested in Hemp’s competitors (in paper and Oil, for instance).


Fascist: Vermin Supreme, the Friendly Fascist, says he will appoint lots of committees to look into all sorts of things. He’ll explain things to you in a way that you can under-stand. If you’ve voted for Vermin lots of times, you may be ready for Vermin Supreme. If we elect Vermin, everybody gets a pony. Don’t you want a pony?

John Birch Society: Started by Old man Koch and named for a CIA agent; accused by the FBI of plotting a Terrorist bombing that killed family members of the cast of the original musical Hair. JBS is an anti-Communist group pushing for Fascist social and economic “reforms.” Its literature opposes sexual freedom, Communism, Freemasons, Jesuits, Jews, and Gays. JBS accused President Eisenhower of being Communist. Bob Dylan and later Charlie Daniels decried Bircers’ neo-Fascism in Talkin’ John Birch Paranoid Blues and Uneasy Rider, respectively. Two classics of contemporary paranoid political writing from the John Birch Society are None Dare Call It Conspiracy and None Dare Call It Treason.

Tea Party: A Koch brothers project pushing for Fascist economic “reform,” with which Republicans, Democrats, and the corporate media have cooperated. Accepting Republican Mitt Romney as nominee.

Republican: Kochs are spending millions of dollars to try to elect Mitt Romney, or at least trying to make it look like they want him.

Democrat: A Koch brother sponsored a climate-science-fraud program on the US official Propaganda organ, PBS. The program uses Obama Administration personnel as on-air talent. The thrust of the series was that if we use an all-of-the-above program as recommended by the Oil companies, we can stop Global Warming (a preposterous premise). The program asks billionaire climate-science investor Richard Branson isn’t this [all-of-the-above plan] just what the world needs? Being as polite as he can possible be, Branson says he’s glad that they are trying. (Branson has offered $25 million for an invention that reverses Global Warming. The Koch-Obama bullshit project didn’t make the finalist list, of course.)


(4) Marijuana Stocks: Time to Investment



I am an independent climate researcher, a journalist, a video educator, and an entertainer-activist-performance poet with a political musical comedy act. My book is:
How to HALT Global Warming this week AND Pull the Carbon back Out of the Air:
The science is in. We have the technology.