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A World Without Money, Is It Possible?

For centuries, people have been using either money or barder to decide who has access to resources. A flaw in this system is that there are often small groups of people who have a lot more of this stuff that we call money than everybody else. This has resulted in war and suffering.

The founder of The Venus Project believes that this is both unnecessary and unacceptable. The belief is that technology now exists to make the Earth’s resources available to everybody without the use of money. There is a documentary called Paradise Or Oblivion that can be freely downloaded from The Venus Project’s web site that talks about this in more detail. In Paradise Or Oblivion, it is discussed that technology can be used to build cities from the ground up that provide transportation and resources to everybody living in those cities. I encourage FDL readers to watch this documentary. However, I have to warn you that the first part of this documentary gives a pretty good picture of the suffering that has been caused by the current monetary system. Because of this, some of the footage is gory. The most gory part only lasts for a few minutes.

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