A Fantasy for the “Lesser of Two Evils” Crowd: Re-Elect Mitt Romney, Democrat, in 2016!

Say you’re Daniel Ellsberg or Dean Baker or Greg Palast…or just you.  You have credentials as being on the proper side of most issues, you know Obama has damaged this country, but you feel compelled to support him, because “Romney would be worse”.

Let’s say you’re right on two things:  that people like myself, who can’t see your logic, end up costing Obama re-election, and that once elected, President Romney lives down to everyone’s worst expectations.   Whatever your worst fear, whatever makes you think that “stopping Romney” is the only thing that matters this time, President Romney ends up exceeding it.

But…just imagine that in the midst of all this, Mitt has a revelation.  The anti-Mormon bigotry in the Republican right wing is just too much for him to take any more, and besides, he’s not in favor of completely dismantling the federal government, much to the dismay of Grover Norquist and his ilk.  So Mitt goes out and changes his party affiliation, declaring that he will seek the Democratic nomination in 2016.

The Democratic establishment, of course, flocks to his side, and Romney’s war chest gets him the DNC nod.  Former Presidents Clinton and Obama argue that President Romney, with his experience, fund-raising skills, and the power of incumbency behind him, is the ONLY ONE who can stop the Scary Scary Republican (2016 edition) from taking the White House.  Sure, Mitt’s no liberal dream like Obama was…but would you rather have him as President, or Newt Gingrich/Rick Scott/Scott Walker/whomever?  Don’t you owe it to this country to support Romney, who may not be perfect, and save us from the true evil now challenging him from the right?

Sarcasm aside, Romney was clearly not the most right-wing candidate in the Republican primaries.  So, if the “choice” (because D vs. R is all that matters, right?) in 2016 was Romney against a more right-wing Republican, would you support Romney?  Is Romney someone you would hold your nose and vote for, if you “knew” the alternative was going to be worse?

And, if so…why are you currently holding your nose to re-elect Obama?  You just said that Romney was not, by definition, insupportable; why should therefore should his possible election terrify you into supporting someone you (if you’re Mr. Ellsberg) believe deserves impeachment?

The right wing can always drum up a “greater evil” to scare you.  If you don’t think Obama deserves re-election…then don’t re-elect him.  Simple as pie.

If you actually do think that Obama deserves re-election, well…Balloon Juice is over here

Say hi to the Angry Black Woman for me!  Peace.

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