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Tired of Racism

I ventured the opinion that much of the opposition to Barack Obama is racially motivated, and several people spoke up, “No, it’s ideological. Clinton was hated, and he wasn’t black!” Yeah, and not all people who jump are suicides.

So I googled “renig” – you know, the racist bumper sticker, “Don’t renig in 2012!” and what did I see? All sorts of sites purporting to explain the word “renig” as “a common misspelling of “renege”. Really? What do you bet those sites didn’t exist before the racist bumper sticker, and were created for the sole purpose of defending the bumper sticker’s author as merely illiterate, not racist. There was even one site masquerading as a wikipedia entry.

Now, extremism in defense of liberty may be no vice (depends on how extreme, I’d say), but what do you call extremism in defense of racism? In denial  of racism, even? Which is worse? Knowingly denying racism, or believing that “renig” (and the monkey cartoons et c. et c.) is all sheer innocence, and it’s the ones calling it out that are evil? Reality has taken a leave of absence, and this misanthrope is finding it increasingly harder to remain cheerful. Maybe it’s roaches, after all, that are the crown of creation.

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