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Such Language!

Nobody would ever say “mom drove I to the movies,” right? Wrong. People say stuff like it all the time, “mom drove my sister and I to the movies.” Don’t hide behind your little sister! You just said, “mom drove I to the movies.” Why? Strangely enough, the wish to be grammatically correct is why people say this illiterate stuff, and the more it’s repeated, the more it becomes ingrained. So, don’t hide behind your little sister or others who populate your sentences. Let yourself come forth and shine in pure grammatical glory. Watch out for that stalking-horse of bad grammar, “and”. Take out the conjunction and let the pronoun stand by itself, your own good grammar will right itself, “…me to the movies,” and you can revel in such language as, “Me and my sister decided to lay low for a while…” Really? Why, I oughta…

The verb “to lay” is transitive, meaning it’s like a transaction, you’re doing something to something, like lay an egg,  or  lay a brick. Or even, “lay myself  down,” then you’re not taking it lying down, you’re standing up for mental fitness. No need to do Sudoku, just exercise your language muscles. Oh, and it’s pronounced “flaksid”, just like “vaksinate”, “aksess” and “aksident”; there’s more, so much more…

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