Pull Up a Chair and Share a Hug

A final hug for our dear friend

I know that our Saturday morning Pull Up A Chair post is traditionally light and uplifting but I hope you’ll indulge me in a slight departure. There have been a lot of heavy things going on at the Lake and with some of its members. We all know that SouthernDragon passed away on Tuesday morning and that Scarecrow is very ill just now and of course Jane herself has had some cancer scares. Suzanne sustained a very serious injury several months ago and oldnslow and myself had some bad health scares, though in both of our cases it turned out to be annoying rather than serious. Some of us are getting up there in years and probably most of us have seen more days go by than we have to look forward to. There are also our northeastern brothers and sisters who have endured a major storm recently, some of whom may very well have thought the end was near. Having experienced more than a few hurricanes myself and some really close calls with tornadoes, I can tell you truthfully that one does come face to face with how fragile life can be.

I think we have all learned to face mortality in our lives. Some of us have done it alone, some of us have had the great good fortune of having loved ones to assist us. Let’s face it, as human beings, we are probably the only creatures that we know of who are aware that we are going to die someday and how we face that defines us in a fundamental way. Some people use religion or other forms of spirituality, others don’t need that kind of balm, but I think we can all agree that how we face death is at least as important as how we face life.

I’m not the best person in the world. In fact, I am pretty far from perfect but I’ve never intentionally hurt another, at least not seriously; and though I often fail, I do try to treat the people I encounter better than they treat me. I love you all to one degree or another, though I’m sure that I don’t love some of you as well as you deserve. I’m just an imperfect soul in a harsh world. I have no religious faith so my salvation is not an issue to me, but I always try to be a better person tomorrow than I was yesterday and I think that’s all any of us can do.

So what I’m thinking about this Saturday morning is, why don’t we post our last messages for SouthernDragon and our get well wishes to Scarecrow here? I’m sure there are other pups currently facing health challenges that I’m unaware of who we can also include. We could share fond stories about our friends past and present as well. The people who changed our lives and made us who we are. I’m not trying to hurry anybody into an early grave, but wouldn’t it be nice to pay tribute to them and to share strength with each other?

I don’t know much about Scarecrow personally but I know that SouthernDragon was a Vietnam combat veteran and had probably stared at death more than any ten of us. I think if he were here to comment, he might tell us that there are no guarantees in life, no promises, no minimum amount of time that we get here. All we can do is our best and to keep on doing that as we’re going toward the end of the line. Namaste and goodbye my wonderful friend and inspiration. You’ll be missed on this Earth but you’re with your departed four-leggeds at the Rainbow Bridge now. I love you, man.

As you’re listening, keep in mind that George Harrison is also no longer with us and that Roy Orbison died while that video was in production. This is a very special song to me and I think it really nails how I feel.


Photo by Mitch Groff, used under Creative Commons license.

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