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It’s Not About Politics, It’s About Family

Three generations of Merle & Barbara Smith-Mosel’s family gather in the family home in Federal Way to talk about how much they want Rachel and her partner Sandy to be able to marry.

Today Washington United for Marriage, the broad coalition working to defend the state’s bipartisan marriage law and approve Referendum 74, released this new ad validating the multi-generational support statewide for the freedom to marry and approving Referendum 74.

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Merle: We have three generations gathered here together.

Barbara: We’re so proud of Rachel and Sandy.

Merle: They’re terrific parents.

Rachel: I learned the importance of marriage from my mom and dad.

Barbara: Marriage is too precious not to share.

Merle: It’s not about politics, it’s about family.

Rachel: It’s about how we treat one another.

Barbara: I’d really like to see Rachel and Sandy be able to marry.

Rachel: Marriage matters to all our family.

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