Republicans nationwide are pushing laws they claim are intended to “stop voter fraud” which they imply is committed mostly by nonwhites and non-Republicans. But in the rare instances of voter fraud and misrepresentation that I’ve seen, the only people committing it are all Republicans. Here are a few examples:

Roxanne Rubin, a registered Republican, tried to vote twice at two separate locations in Las Vegas — and got caught.

— A temporary employee at the Clackamas County, Oregon elections office is under investigation for ballot-tampering — namely, for filling out straight Republican tickets on the uncompleted portions of ballots turned in to the county for next week’s election.

— Back in February, Republican operative and former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White, whose state in 2008 was the first in the nation to pass the voter-restriction laws the GOP keeps claiming without real evidence will stop fraud, got a slap on the wrist (one year’s home detention) on his conviction for six counts of voter fraud — fraud that the new GOP law had failed, unsurprisingly, to stop.

Republican operative Nathan Sproul’s company, Strategic Allied Consulting, has been tied to acts of voter fraud, ballot dumping, and misrepresentation in several states nationwide, states like Florida, Virginia, and Colorado.

— Speaking of misrepresentation: One of the favorite anecdotes of Minnesota Republicans pushing the “Voter ID” voter suppression amendment is The Laundromat Story, which is about a bunch of people who allegedly tried to vote using a laundromat (or in the latest version, a “coin-operated laundry”) in the small town of Harris as their residence. The tale has several problems, not least of which are these three: The people telling the story keep shifting the year it happened (from 2006 to 2008 to 2010), there was never a formal complaint filed to the proper authorities about such an incident, and the laundromat in question stopped being a laundromat before 2006 (it’s been a private residence for several years now).

With regard to crimes committed and bogosities told in connection with the ballot box, Republicans might want to remove the load-bearing beams from their own eyes before complaining about the dust specks in anyone else’s eyes.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman