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Marriage Equality Polling Well in Washington State

I-502 logo in Washington

Up until now every single time the issue of marriage equality has appeared on a statewide ballot it has been rejected by voters, but next week Washington State may break the pattern. The voters in the state are deciding the fate of Referendum 74. Voting yes on R-74 would legalize same sex marriage. Two new polls at this week both show the R-74 with majority support.

Washington State – Referendum 74
Washington Poll (10/18-31)
Yes 57.9%
No 36.9%
Undecided 4.8%
Will not vote on this issue 0.4%

Washington State – Referendum 74
SurveyUSA (10/28-31)
Yes 52%
No 43%
Not Sure 5%

The Washington Poll found support for R-74 growing modestly. Their poll from the beginning of October had it at 54.1% yes to 38.4% no. On the other hand, SurveyUSA found support fading slightly. Their poll from two weeks ago had it at 54% yes to 41% no. I suspect the small movement in both polls is most likely statistical noise and that support for the R-74 is stable.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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