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It takes a big government to raise a country

Only a big government can be prepared to aid its citizens when disaster strikes.

All you small government idiots can shut the %$@* up in the aftermath of that bitch slap Mother Nature delivered this week.

Nearly 8 million people were without power during the storm, and most of them still don’t have power. The death toll is climbing as more victims are discovered. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed by wind, water, and (ironically) fire. The eastern seaboard and points north and west look like the backdrop for a post-apocalyptic video game.

We are lucky the Republicans haven’t had their way with America. I shiver to think of how a government as small as the one dreamed of by Republicans would respond to a crisis like Frankenstorm.

Blame for the storm and the damage it caused would be affixed to the people that suffered from it the most.

Gretchen Carlson would look into the camera and say, “Well, those people crying and gnashing their teeth knew they were buying a house near the ocean. Some might say they were asking for it.”

Rush Limbaugh would drag his fat ass to his studio and talk about all the freeloaders looking for handouts of food, clothing, and shelter…”These people, my friends, are parasites. They want Uncle Sam to pick our pockets to pay for such boondoggles.”

There are millions of tons of sand that need to be moved back to the beaches and the ocean. How can towns that are already broke be expected to pull themselves up by their bootstraps like some Ayn Randian wet dream? These towns have no boots.

There are millions of houses that are dead or dying. How can the displaced people ever hope for anything unless they can count on government to keep them from losing everything?

Businesses were destroyed, and jobs will be lost. The unemployed will need special help to survive another kick in the ass by the fates. Republicans would tell you these people are lazy because they let total destruction of their worldly possessions turn them into welfare scam artists.

How does a small-government Tea Party asshole that lost everything feel today? If they stick to their guns, they live in whatever shelter they can throw together. If they take help from the government, they are hypocrites of the highest order.

Only a big government can be ready for disaster. America maintains a credible response to aggression in the form of the military. We spend money we may or may not need to be ready for anything in the armed conflict arena. Why shouldn’t we be prepared for weather and financial disaster?

Why is a dollar spent on bullets a wise investment in our freedom, but a dollar spent stockpiling drinking water and emergency meals is terrible?

Why should a government look at its citizens as parasites and not as valuable assets that deserve help when needed?

I keep being told we can’t be all things to all people. I keep asking why not.

  • I want a country where we don’t blow people up to show them our way is the better way.
  • I want a country where religious people can flourish, but where they can’t legislate their religion.
  • I want a country that doesn’t let anyone starve or die because they don’t have enough money.
  • I want a country where it doesn’t cost 8 billion dollars to elect a president.
  • I want a country that no one around the world messes with because we could pave them if we were forced to.
  • I want a country where consenting adults can get married to each other.
  • I want a country where what happens inside a woman’s body is her business.
  • I want a country that doesn’t poison its citizens because regulating all that poison is too expensive.
  • I want a country where people don’t get jealous when someone that desperately needs something but can’t afford it can get it from the government.

The election will be over by the time we meet here next week.

I am voting for Barack Obama. You vote for whomever you wish, but make sure you vote.

This election season has me exhausted. I can degenerate into name calling and vulgar outbursts at the drop of a hat. I find myself shouting at political advertising and fantasizing about pulling up every Romney/Ryan sign I see.

I am ready for this to be done. I certainly hope my people win, but, more than that, I hope for unambiguous results.

I don’t think we can take another Bush v. Gore, but then again, if whoever wins doesn’t have a working majority in the House and Senate, nothing will get done…again.

Perhaps I’m getting too old for this shit.

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