Dehumanizing Guantanamo Defendants: Government Asserts Control of Thoughts & Memories (VIDEO)

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other 9/11 terror suspects had a pre-trial hearing before the Guantanamo Bay commission just over two weeks ago. And, yesterday, The Nation published a dispatch on the proceedings that is well worth reading and I wrote about how the government maintains the Guantanamo defendants’ thoughts and memories of torture at the hands of CIA interrogators should be considered classified.

I went on RT America to talk about the military commissions and made a few key points: this argument that the government controls the thoughts and memories is totalitarian and also designed to prevent the press and public from finding out about the torture terror suspects have experienced at the hands of the CIA. It also aims to protect torturers from being held accountable.

As I note, no person has been held accountable for torture or had his or her life ruined by a government prosecution for carrying out torture or authorizing torture. However, CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou has and that reality should not be ignored when assessing how the government is trying to prevent defendants’ talk about torture in the court room from being reported by the press.

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