Check out this ominous video of Cheri Pelletier, GOP state Senate Candidate in a suburb of Hartford, CT that caught my attention on DK today.

Documents made available on this companion website  make it apparent this candidate has engaged in a systematic cover up of public statements made on the internet.  Wow, an inexperienced, unqualified candidate makes a stupid mistake.  Dog bites man.

Problem is the writer buried the lede!

Pelletier has the great fortune of a “Fairfield County Billionaire” sloshing SuperPAC money, buying up air time on local television stations bashing Pelletier’s opponent and lauding praise upon her.  Apart from this happening for the first time in a state government race in Connecticut, under an era of Citizens United, no big deal, right?

Only if there was no collusion between the campaign and the SuperPAC “Voters for Good Government”.  

Let’s take a look at the original source documents found on the Manchester, CT Patch.  I call your attention to a post from “Craig” made at 12.11 am, October 28th, 2012.

It seems that the Manchester Democrat Chair is threatened by a campaign that has the ability to create financial resources for a candidate. I am most intrigued that Ms. Pelletier has such an ability. Isn’t that what we should be looking at for a State Senator – one who has the know how and creativity to tap into resources and utilize and our tax dollars while thinking outside of the box. Good for the Pelletier campaign for using their heads during this campaign. Ms. Pelletier will most likely use such creativity when she’s sitting in the Senate Chambers too!!!*

(*emphasis added)

“…Ability to create financial resources”, “…creativity to tap into resources” and “Good for the Pelletier campaign…”.   Wow.  Who is this mysterious “Craig”?  What does he seem to know that the rest of us don’t?

To a layman, like this writer, collusion could be alleged.  Begging follow up questions:

  • Was there communication by the campaign and the SuperPAC “Voters for Good Government” in advance of ad time purchases?  
  • Where did the SuperPAC “Voters for Good Government” get the material for the television advertisements?  From the Pelletier Campaign?
  • It all boils down to this:  What did Pelletier know and when did she know it?  

With the recent Frontline broadcast entitled “Big Sky, Big Money” detailing the influence of unscrupulous SuperPAC’s and their Montana minions, this Nutmegger hopes the wrongdoing in Montana isn’t happening in Connecticut requiring answers to these questions.