So a candidate who ran his last campaign against evil on opposing the grave abuses to the Constitution but then as president codifies those abuses into permanent law, adding a few that even the Neo Cons would not have dreamed of attempting, is a lesser evil enough to continue supporting ?

Obama’s disposition matrix creates an agency within an agency which maintains permanent files on ALL Americans, adding our names to a permanent assassination list yet that is still lesser evil enough to continue supporting ? He has revived the Espionage act, last used to put Eugene Debs in jail for reading the US Constitution aloud in public and has jailed twice as many whistle blowers than any administration in history despite protection of whistle blowers being one of his last campaigns central planks, right behind protecting the constitution. He has permanently rid us of the Bill of Rights and Habeas Corpus. He vowed to oppose domestic spying but according to the ACLU he has increased it exponentially .

He is the environmentalist but his administration has bribed and threatened it’s way out of all globally binding agreements on CO2 emissions, which we only know because of the jailed whistle blower Bradley Manning’s wikileaks, despite the fact that the Arctic ice cap is history. His administration will allow the Keystone Pipeline to carry Canada’s tar sands to Texas for refining which, according to James Hansen head of the NASA’s Goddard Institute, is game over the planet’s climate .

His health care, which isn’t as good as what Mexicans living in what the State Dept. describes as a failed state currently have or Iraqis under Saddam enjoyed, is exactly the same as Romney’s as governor, straight out of the Heritage foundation, a right wing think tank despite campaigning on both single payer and the public option.

If my problem were alcoholism isn’t the first step at an AA meeting to say , Hi I’m freeman and I’M AN ALCOHOLIC ? A problem can not be addressed until it is honestly admitted.

Notice how the democrats have become a right of center party since Clinton ? Perhaps it’s because as long as they offer you anything less than the unthinkable (?) you will vote for them anyway ? A exceedingly strong argument can be made that by supporting the lesser evil you push the democrats to the right because they are never held to their campaign promises. That sucks in the short term but unless there is accountability in the long term we’re screwed even worse . That argument of course is predicated on the idea that the mechanisms which make democracy possible in the US are still working. In my opinion this is no longer the reality. VOting is no longer viable and that the government is no longer legitimate.

Well over 90% of all congressional elections are won by the candidate with the most money and seeing as our corporate citizens first amendment rights include spending unlimited funds to sway our electoral process it is obvious that the government is bought and paid for. I will not pretend or neglect the facts in order to help elect a candidate who has a permanent file on me and my kids and can assassinate me without due process. The system is broken, lending it credibility only puts off the inevitable epiphany.

So I think, this time around, it is more important to brave the consequences of not giving Obama our vote than in supporting him, in any state. That is not an endorsement of the republicans. I also believe that what is confronting us as a nation and indeed as a species demands far more serious measures by the citizenry, outside the ballot box.

The mechanisms once set up to allow citizen participation in their governance in our faltering democracy, to address these problems, the greatest problems that have ever confronted us as either a nation or a species, have broken down.

Without a mass uprising involving the majority of the American population which brings business as usual to a complete stop, I believe , and all the evidence is on my side here , democracy in the US and very likely life itself on our ailing planet is near an end. That IMHO is what’s at stake at this point . Non violent civil disobedience is the only solution going forward , not voting , which is no more than the last act of the Kabuki show . Time is running out.

Remember Einstein once saying that “you can not simultaneously prepare for and prevent a war” ? That statement is an application of the uncertainty principle to political life, that one can not both measure the speed and position of an electron simultaneously. Here’s a joke which illustrates the conundrum. Feynman and Heisenberg were taking a road trip together. Feynman was driving, with Heisenberg acting as navigator. As they conversed, they sped past another car, and Feynman jerked himself back to look at the speedometer, thinking he must be speeding. He saw their speed and said with a sigh of relief, “Whew. We’re only going 60.”

Heisenberg then threw the map out of the window in frustration and exclaimed, “Great, now we’re lost!”

While I appreciate the disorientation among many progressives this political season , the system is either broken or it isn’t, you can not entertain both possibilities simultaneously.

Doing so only puts off the inevitable.