Quinnipiac: Obama leads in OH, FL and VA

Obama Barn

Obama Barn painting in Ottawa County Ohio

In the three critical swing states of Ohio, Florida and Virginia President Obama holds a small lead. According to the latest CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac poll, Obama has a very small advantage in Virginia and Florida but in Ohio he leads by five. From Quinnipiac:

  • FLORIDA: Obama 48 – Romney 47, compared to Obama 53 – Romney 44 Sept. 26
  • OHIO: Obama 50 – Romney 45, unchanged from Oct. 22
  • VIRGINIA: Obama 49 – Romney 47, compared to Obama 51 – Romney 46 Oct. 11

Increased support from women likely voters helps Gov. Mitt Romney narrow the gap with President Barack Obama in Florida and Virginia, leaving these key swing states too close to call, while the president holds a 5-point lead in Ohio, according to a Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News Swing State poll released today.

By wide margins, voters in each state say President Obama cares about their needs and problems more than Gov. Romney, but the Republican is seen as a leader by more voters.

The good news for Romney is that he has made gains in Virginia and Florida, but with less than a week until the election he has very little time to close the remaining gap.

The big problem for Romney continues to be Ohio. Romney will have an extremely tough time getting to 270 without Ohio, yet the state remains stubbornly in Obama’s column. Seven of the past eight public polls of the state have found Obama with the lead. What makes Romney’s efforts to turn around Ohio even more daunting is that the Obama campaign has managed to rack up an incredible 60 percent to 34 percent lead in the early vote. Romney would need a huge late swing in his direction from the remaining vote to win.

Ohio continues to look like Obama’s firewall.

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