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Mary Lambert: Stand Up For My Love

Mary Lambert is the amazing talent featured on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s SAME LOVE. She asks Washingtonians to “stand up for my love” by approving Referendum 74 on their November ballot. On Top Magazine writes:

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Singer Mary Lambert calls on voters to stand up for her love on Election Day.

In a 2-minute video for Music for Marriage Equality, the group of musicians working for passage of Referendum 74, the Washington state referendum on marriage equality, Lambert discusses meeting the love of her life.

Two years ago I met the most incredible person. Our first date was super nervous. … I didn’t know that it was going to be a grander kind of love.”

“I love her more today than I did yesterday and the day before that.”

“And one day, I hope to marry Rachel. She’s the love of my life.” …

“I think love is universal. And I hope on Election Day that you’ll stand up for love. My love.”

Here again is SAME LOVE by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, featuring Mary Lambert.
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Update: Click here to watch the trio perform live on Ellen!

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