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California’s Prop 32: The Most Dangerous Ballot Measure in the Country

If you live in California, thanks to the Electoral College system, the box you check next Tuesday in the section of your ballot for the two presidential candidates won’t make an iota of difference to the outcome of the election. But further down the ballot is the second (if not first) most important vote in the country: Proposition 32.

That’s no exaggeration. If Prop 32 passes, it will warp the landscape of California politics dramatically and permanently, by outlawing voluntary payroll deduction for political spending. That sounds technical and mundane, but the upshot is that Prop 32 would effectively silence the political voice of the labor movement while leaving the lobbying power of big corporations untouched.

That matters whether you care about workers’ rights, women’s rights, LGBT equality, environmental protections, healthcare access, public education or any number of other issues: unions have fought for them all. And if Prop 32 passes in the bluest state in the nation, there’s no question that the Koch Brothers and the measure’s other right-wing corporate funders will make sure copycat measures appear on ballots all over the country in the next few years.

To learn the details of the initiative, its funders and its heinous likely consequences, check out Frying Pan News’ special investigative series on the measure. Or, if you’re short on time, just hit play on the short nature documentary video at the top of this post, brought to you by the Courage Campaign (and produced – full disclosure – by my own production house, Dog Park Media).

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