Sandy: Tuesday morning catch up

Sandy Flooding

Flooding at the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel

It has been quite a night especially for those on the Atlantic Seaboard.

Atlantic City NJ is under water and  the boardwalk has been mostly destroyed.

Lower Manhattan is in the dark from 39th street south do to a substation explosion and fire.

At least two tunnels and 6 subway lines have been flooded.

Most of lower Manhattan is still flooded.

NYU Hospital has had to be evacuated do to generator failure and flooding in the basement.

A massive 6 alarm fire has destroyed 50 homes in Queens in the Breezy Point area. Though one of their reporters has been tweeting it’s more like 100 – three full blocks.

A crane broke loose from a high rise construction in midtown and has been just hanging there. A large area around it has been evacuated.

Record flood tide recorded at the Battery Park area of 13.8 feet.

A tanker runs aground on Staten Island.

Two boys are killed when a tree struck their house in Westchester County.

Obama declares the tri-state area a major disaster.

And the HMS Bounty has sunk.

Photo by EliPongo under Creative Commons license

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