The coming election on November 6th was fixed a long time ago.

It was fixed by the adoption of the totally anti-democratic Constitutional provision for the Electoral College, a less than minuscule body of 538 electors pledged to one of the twin parties.

It was further fixed by the Compromise of 1877, a backroom deal worked out between Northern and Western Republicans who had devolved from the radical party of the Civil War, the Second American Revolution, into an anti-worker and anti-small farmer party of banksters, railroad magnates and big industrialists. The other party to the deal were Southern and Midwestern Democrats who re-instituted a form or slavery in the South called Jim Crow, a series of laws ending the free vote and essentially outlawing any behavior by black men and women that promoted the idea that they were free citizens. All infractions of these behavior laws, major or minor, were prosecuted by all white ex-Confederate law enforcement and judicial agencies utilizing all white juries who meted out life sentences for anyone not kowtowing to racism and racist violence.

The latest version of Slavery/Jim Crow is enforced as draconian drug laws which have created a prison state rivaling that of Nazi Germany and the Stalinist gulags.

The Compromise of 1877, never written into law, established the hegemony of the two party political system in service to the economic ruling class, a plutocracy that’s governed with an iron fist sometimes hidden in a velvet glove ever since.

The third ‘fix’ involves a number of anti-democratic measures like winner-take-all laws that eliminate the possibility of proportional representation, harsh laws limiting ballot access and the blackout on information about the programs of third parties by the bankster owned media.

Democrats and Republicans alike benefit from these anti-democratic fixes. The solution is the creation of a democratic workers state run by parties of workers and small farmers that makes attempts at the exclusion people of color, women and others a capital offense, along with plotting wars and imperial adventures.

The solution of the problem of plutocracy hinges on the total eradication of the wealth of the ruling plutocrats by robust 100% taxation levies and confiscatory fines. The heart and soul of the socialist approach is the institution of democratic norms in political and especially in economic decision making in the workers state.


Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue

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