Liveblogging Sandy on Long Island

The wind last night was hypnotic. It sounded like waves breaking on the shoreline. I dreamt I was tanning on a beach. The really good news was that I did not hear the sound of trees creaking and groaning. During Irene trees in my neighborhood snapped off above the root line from the wind and you  could hear the wood cracking.

Massive waves against a pier

Photo: Charlie Walker / Flickr

AT 8:30 AM when I turned on the local news they reported that between 7 AM when they had 1,200 power outages and 8:30 it had surged to 6K. We are now up to 10K without power. Obviously, I still have power. It’s probably the-wash-your-car-to-make-it-rain effect, I am so super stocked up on batteries, firewood, oil lamps and candles, that I may have reverse jinxed my house.

The NYC news stations are reporting Battery Park still increasing flooding an hour after high tide. Port Jefferson is expecting it’s entire downtown to flood. They are also reporting flooded roads south of Montauk Parkway.

Update: 11.50

Sorry I’ve went AWOL, but right after this post went up, my power went out. Amazingly I was able to speak to live human person at LIPA, and she was able to promise me I would have power back no later than 12:30PM, they beat that estimate by 45 minutes.

Thank you Andy Cuomo for appointing a monitor to keep LIPA’s feet to the fire. This is the first time in 12 years of living here that LIPA has been this well staffed at the call in number.


Update 12:05PM


Local news announcing 21K power outages on LI


Update 12:50PM

The rain has started. It does not fall, it’s more like bullets being shot out of a gun. They are largest drops and it sounds like schrapel hitting the roof.

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