How ironic that the man who clogged up the courts for 3 years trying to sue for a special right to secrecy for himself is now complicit in the infringement on the privacy and peace of mind of his employer’s campaign rival.

Larry Stickney, then-chair of the failed 2009 campaign to reject Washington state’s domestic partnership law via Referendum 71, petitioned the courts in Doe v. Reed for a special exception for R-71 petition signatories from state public disclosure laws in part because a man was reportedly seen photographing the exterior of Stickney’s home.

Yet here he goes posting a photo of the home of Democratic congressional candidate Suzan DelBene on Republican John Koster’s campaign website. Stickney is Koster’s campaign manager and long-time political ally.

The Seattle Times quotes DelBene: “He’s even had people out by my house taking pictures … I find it to be definitely crossing the line and it is creepy.”

When the Times reporter asked Mr. Stickney who photographed Suzan Delbene’s home, he replied, “The person who took the photo does not wish to be named.”

Privacy for me, but not for you.

Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer

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