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GREECE: A Health System in Shambles

StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece on Mondays and Thursdays @ 6 pm Athens time. The following post is a loose transcript of the 25 October 2012 broadcast.

By snake arbusto and greydogg, 99GetSmart

A desolate hospital hallway

Photo: Adrian Boliston / Flickr

– The New York Times reported that if you are unemployed in Greece, you die. If you have a serious illness like cancer and you are unemployed, you will die. There is no health care for the people – an example of the humanitarian catastrophe in the country.


– Malaria, tuberculosis, and rabies are appearing in Greece after decades of dormancy.

Diseases that have been absent in Greece for many decades are appearing because of the economic crisis and its effect on the health-care system, which is in shambles. Some places in northern Greece have suffered from West Nile disease, and many people have died. Apart from that virus, malaria – not seen since the 1970s – has come back to Greece. So has tuberculosis. Recently an animal with rabies was found. These diseases have not come to Greece via immigrants or tourists; they are transferred from person to person. And due to the lack of vaccination due to the ongoing crisis, Greek children are vulnerable. Many parents are not able to vaccinate their children because they are unemployed. Vaccines are very expensive and children are going without them.


– A six-member family, for the second time in six months, has had their water turned off. The landlord asked the water company to cut off the supply because they are behind on their rent.

The family had asked for lower rent due to the crisis. In response, the landlord filed an eviction notice. And instead of waiting for the court to decide, the landlord spitefully went to the water company and demanded they cut off the supply of water to the flat.


– The mass media in Greece are talking about the Parliament voting on new austerity measures next week. But this does not reflect reality. Everyone knows that the real decisions were made in February and that this vote is just more theater from the government-of-the-regime.


– Yesterday, the Greek police announced they have purchased two X-Ray vans for €2.3 million, as revealed by a document from the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection

A commenter on Facebook says “one of the few institutions that actually work nowadays in Greece is the Police.”


– The buyout of Olympic Air by Aegean Airlines, which had been blockaded by the European Commission, is now to be finalized. The EC had said of the merger in 2011 that it:

“…would have resulted in a quasi-monopoly on the Greek air transport market. This would have led to higher fares for four out of six million Greek and European consumers travelling on routes to and from Athens each year. Together the two carriers control more than 90% of the Greek domestic air transport market.”

The main justification now given for the merger is “…the prolonged Greek recession that has reduced dramatically the domestic demand for both airline companies.” In other words, the main justification is the state of the Greek economy, which is the direct result of the policies of the EU itself, via the European Central Bank and the Troika of which it is a member.


StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece on Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm Athens time @

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