Today the most overrated player and the second most overrated player in the NFL will take on Lauren Tannehill’s husband’s team in American non-metric futbol.

Also. Too.

…Tebow has become irrelevant with the New York Jets, despite all that talk this summer about how Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano might use him. In the past two games, Tebow has played on 11 offensive snaps. Clearly, the Jets can’t figure out what to do with him. And that figures to continue, as starting quarterback Mark Sanchezis playing well.

Tuesday is the NFL’s trading deadline, and there’s been speculation the Jets have been shopping around Tebow. Of course, with all the hype about him coming to New York in the first place, and Jets owner Woody Johnson fawning over him, it’s a reach to think the club would readily ship him elsewhere.

Jacksonville would be the most logical trade destination, considering Tebow grew up there, has a huge fan base in the region, and could help a franchise that lacks a standout quarterback.

Chances are, though, the Jets are going to sit tight, keep Tebow, and see where they stand at the end of the season. Meanwhile, he’s slipping further under the radar, looking more like a gimmick by the week.

You may argue in the comments about whatevs but try to not let it turn into Lord of the Flies like it seems to be doing with greater frequency as November 6th rears its head.

I will be at work so behave yourselves but I do want to point out that third parties string quarterbacks suck.



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