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Be safe, East Coasters, take all precautions!

International Developments

? “Satellite images in the aftermath of an explosion at a Sudanese weapons factory this past week suggest the site was hit in an airstrike, a U.S. monitoring group said Sunday.” Israel is accused of bombing the Yarmouk complex, “killing two people and leaving the factory in ruins.”

? “Syrian rebels and Kurdish militiamen clash in Aleppo: Eid truce broken again with at least 22 thought dead after alleged incursion by Syrian rebels into neutral Kurdish districts.”

? Imran Khan, former cricket star from Pakistan and leader of a caravan protesting drone strikes into south Waziristan recently, was removed from a plane going “from Canada to New York and questioned by US immigration officials over his views on drone strikes and jihad.”

? 811 buildings and houseboats have been destroyed in a 35-acre area of Burma’s Rakhine province, leaving 67 dead. The violence started when three Muslim men raped and killed a Buddhist woman. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has warned that the ethnic violence and “extremist rhetoric must be stopped”.

? Kenyatta University and Borderless Higher Education for Refugees are developing a university for the 500,000 refugees in the tent city of Dadaab. Fleeing war and famine, refugees in Dadaab have online access to educational programs allowing them to complete secondary school. This is the first attempt to provide a university curriculum, too.

? In China, seven people have self-immolated in one week in the name of Tibetan independence.

? So many people protested expansion of a petrochemical plant in China’s Zhejiang province, that the project has been cancelled. Video of protestors (“We want to live.”)

International Finance

? Very cool, interactive timeline by country of the Eurozone crisis. Key events annotated.

? “Thousands of people have joined fresh protests in the Spanish capital, Madrid, angered by budget cuts and calling on the government to quit.”

Money Matters USA

? 80 CEOs have banded together to “Fix the Debt”, which entails crippling Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and granting corporate tax breaks. Great rundown of 10 of those CEOs. Don’t miss it.

? Neither rain, nor hail, nor sleet, nor Sandy . . .. “Wall Street plans to open Monday even as Sandy bears down”.

? “What can be done to make America a land of more real equality and opportunity?” Brad DeLong has several suggestions, but whether we follow them, if that’s even possible, is an open question.

Politics USA

? MN Sen Al Franken on the legacy of his “friend and hero”, Paul Wellstone.

? “Nine firms that are run by, or recently employed, top Romney aides have received almost a third of the $435.8 million that Romney’s campaign and a related fundraising committee have spent on operating expenses through Oct. 17″.

? Billionaire Sheldon Adelson is distributing “issues guides”–friendly to Romney, critical of Obama–to his workers. The purpose is to “help workers ‘protect their jobs’.”

? Bishop David Ricken of the Green Bay Catholic Diocese is telling his parishioners that their souls will be put “in jeopardy” should they vote for pro-choice, pro-marriage equality candidates.

? Mason-Dixon’s recent poll in MO showed Democrat Sen Claire McCaskill at 45% vs Republican Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin at 43% in the Senate race. McCaskill’s internal polls show her leading “Legitimate Rape” by 13 points.

? Christian Science Monitor headline: “Could e-voting machines in Election 2012 be hacked? Yes. Security experts say a specific kind of electronic-voting machine is vulnerable to being hacked.”

? Follow-up on last week’s story about 13,000 voters being purged in La Porte County, IN by the wife of the county’s Republican Party Chairman: 11,000 have been restored to the rolls.

? Ann Romney on public education: “The charter schools have provided the answers. The teachers unions are preventing those things from happening . . . We need to throw out the system.” Video.

? Will we never be rid of this? “AP poll: Majority harbor prejudice against blacks“. And it may be getting worse: “Americans with anti-black sentiments jumped to 56 percent, up from 49 percent during the last presidential election.” And among non-Hispanic whites, 57% “expressed anti-Hispanic attitudes.”

? Poll results above speak directly to this: Next week the US Supreme Court “could say whether it will consider ending the Voting Rights Act’s advance approval requirement [by the feds of any changes states want to make in the way elections are conducted] that has been held up as a crown jewel of the civil rights era.”

Women & Children

? “Women’s Right To Vote — Only 90 Years Ago They Were Jailed” Powerful images.

? Newt Gringrich says we should “just get over it” when misogynists run off at the mouth about rape.

Health, Homelessness & Hunger

? “The Obama administration will soon take on a new role as the sponsor of at least two nationwide health insurance plans [for individuals and small employers] to be operated under contract with the federal government and offered to consumers in every state” just as private insurance plans are. The US Office of Personnel Management will negotiate premiums and benefits, as it does now for federal employees.

? Currently, people in the 33 OECD countries spend an average of $3,118 for health care, compared to $8,233 for people in the US. Health care accounts for 9.2% of the economy in OECD countries, compared to 17.6% in the US in 2010.

Working for A Living

? Michelle Rhee, CEO of StudentsFirst and former Washington DC schools chief, is opposing MI’s Proposal 2, “a ballot measure that would protect collective bargaining by enshrining it in the state’s constitution.

? “An administrative law judge says Chicago-based Boeing Co. broke national labor law when a human resources manager at its North Charleston [SC] plan told a mechanic not to talk about unionizing during working time.” Judge William Nelson Cates also ordered the company to display a notice informing employees they have “the right to organize.”

Heads Up!

? Occupy Oakland one year later: Scott Olsen speaks.

? The Seattle Police Department has Federal Aviation Administration permission to operate two drones. City Council members learned of this after Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Freedom of Information Act request turned up documents showing the Seattle PD had requested approval from the FDA.

? Video about drones, the technology and how their use domestically is “about to explode”.

Planet Earth News

? Yay! CT’s Commonwealth Court has ordered the state’s Public Utility Commission to release Marcellus Shale drilling impact fees of almost $1 million to “four townships challenging the state’s drilling law”.

Latin America

? Violence in Lima, Peru continues as people protest shutting down of a market the government says lacks hygiene, while vendors say they cannot afford the prices charged at a new market location. Two people were killed Saturday, 27 injured. Video update.

Mixed Bag

? Facing a prison sentence? Jump on a bandwagon instead! “Italy ex-PM Berlusconi threatens to topple Monti government”. He’s against austerity now, timely since demonstrations against same are going on in Italy.

Break Time

? Bob and Ray visit Johnny