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FDL Movie Night Preview: Just in Time for Halloween “The Selling”

Things are scary right now: The Frankenstorm. The election. Gas prices. Let’s not forget Halloween, the holiday designed to make us forget our fears by making us really scared. And for a long time one of the scariest things has been the estate market, buy or selling. And thus [cue spooky music]:

Firedoglake is chillingly thrilled to present a Halloween spookfest, The Selling, a horrifyingly funny movie about flipping a haunted house. Imagine if you will, an honest real estate agent named Richard Scarry who tries to talk people out buying houses they can’t afford. When his less-than-honorable partner convinces him to flip an old house to make a huge profit, Richard agrees, since his mom needs the money to cover her medical bills.

Already we have two major FDL issues: Real estate profiteering and health care reform!

While most renovations have problems with plumbing, electricity, and load-bearing walls, the house is, well, a real mess with bleeding walls and a portal to the spirit realm in the upstairs bedroom closet. Not even kindly Father Jimmy or the Ghosts’ Rights activist Richard enlists to settle the spirits can help. In fact they make matters worse.

And then the unthinkable happens…

Join us Monday night form 5pm-6:30pm West Coast time as we discuss The Selling with writer/producer Gabriel Diani and actress Etta Devine.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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