Emergency Preparedness

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So, the Governor has declared a state of emergency in New York state. He has also sent out a blast email, which I will copy below with emergency preparedness tips.

New Yorkers should make sure they have a storm emergency kit ready and include items such as non-perishable food, water, cash, filled prescriptions, a battery-powered radio, first aid kit, supplies for any pets, flashlights and extra batteries. The Governor also encourages New Yorkers to check in with neighbors, especially the elderly or disabled, who might need assistance to ensure that their needs are met if emergency instructions are issued. Additional tips for New Yorkers include:

  • Know how to contact all family members at all times. Identify an out-of-town friend or family member to be the “emergency family contact.” Then make certain all family members have that number. Designate a family emergency meeting place where the family can meet in case you can’t go home.
  • Pay particular attention to relatives with special needs, small children and pets. Know where to relocate pets during a storm because many shelters are not able to accept pets. Shelters often only accept “service animals” that assist people with disabilities.
  • Prepare an emergency phone list of people and organizations that may need to be called. Include children’s schools, doctors, child/senior care providers, and insurance agents.
  • Follow the news and emergency broadcasts of local radio and television stations that will provide up-to-date official information during a storm emergency, including recommendations to evacuate specific areas.
  • Find out what emergency plans are in place in your community and how you will be notified in the event of an emergency.
  • Know the hurricane risks in your area, and learn the storm surge history and elevation of your area.
  • Store important documents such as insurance policies, medical records, bank account numbers, and social security cards in waterproof containers. Also have cash (in small bills), a checkbook, and credit/ATM cards readily available.

Phoenix Women has been advocating boarding up your windows with plywood. What additional measures are you taking?

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