From Occupy Hilo’s Facebook page…

People standing peacefully and holding signs at the Hawaii Democratic Rally were assaulted by the private security guards last night in Hilo. The guy standing by the door in the black “security” shirt with the leg wrap and the keys on a lanyard is the perpetrator. At 2:10 he pushes a girl out of the way and tells another protester to go back to where he came from. The protester says he is EXACTLY where he came from. Charges were filed at the East Hawaii Police station after the event was over.

That specific protestor just happens to be half Hawaiian, but, what unfolded inside of Aunt Sally’s Luau House was worse…! That ILWU union thug (Francis!) hired as ‘Security’ went off inside, ripping signs out of people’s hands, and even body-checking several women, and, a few males…! Five people had filed police reports soon afterwards, and, one brave wahine is even pressing charges…!

I personally was carrying the P & L in this FB clip… Bus arrives in Hilo for the Hawaii Democrat Rally 10/26/12…

Now, for some history on the Abolish The PLDC movement, and Gov. Abercrombie’s noxious participation…

Top Abercrombie Advisor Enlisted to Help Beleaguered PLDC.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has asked one of his closest political advisors to head a working group created to fend off attacks on the controversial Public Land Development Corporation.

William Kaneko, Abercrombie’s former campaign manager, has been leading the group, according to Sen. Malama Solomon, a PLDC supporter who has been helping the governor devise a strategy to appease mounting public antagonism toward the new state agency.

The fledgling government division is supposed to enlist private companies to develop public lands and shore up dilapidated state facilities. But it’s become a political lightning rod. A growing chorus of lawmakers, including Senate President Shan Tsutsui, are calling for its repeal or at least a sharp curtailment of its powers.

The PLDC was created last year but has been widely criticized by groups such as the Sierra Club, the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation and The Outdoor Circle, who say it bypasses important environmental protections. Native Hawaiian groups have also opposed fast-tracking development on lands supposed to be held in trust for Hawaiians.

In August, nearly 700 people showed up at a series of contentious public meetings throughout the islands to register their opposition to the PLDC. And the Kauai County Council and the Hawaii County Council have unanimously passed resolutions calling for the PLDC to be abolished.

Abercrombie has been unflinching in his support of the PLDC despite public animosity aimed at him. He was booed at a public meeting on Kauai when he tried to talk about the PLDC. But in recent weeks, he’s pushed back critics, calling them the “usual suspects” and accusing them of creating a climate of hysteria.

After so many people opposed the PLDC at the public meetings, Abercrombie and Solomon last month announced a strategic plan aimed at calming concerns. The working group appears to be a continuation of that plan to make it an easier sell to the public…

And, ‘We the Aina’, aren’t buying it, anywhere in the Isles…! Today, Occupy Maui and other concerned Maui citizens, greeted them on their Maui leg of their grandiose statewide ‘Bus Tour’…!

We’re mighty pissed and we’re determined…!