Sodom & Gobama

Oh MY! how the delicate petunias of the right lost their poop this morning because the President used the swear “b*llsh*t” (which is the word ‘bullshit’ for you dumb motherfuckers who don’t speak asterisk) when talking about Mitt Romney:

You know what? I know a POTUS has to deal with a lot of stress and has to blow off steam, and sometimes cursing is a part of that, but – dang it – Presidents are role models for kids and language like this should be left behind closed doors. It’d be one thing if this was an unintentional hot mic moment or if he were speaking out of frustration and in the heat of the moment cursed, but it’s not. He said this knowing it had the potential for being published, knowing that teenagers read this unabashedly left wing magazine.

And anyone who thinks I’m being fuddy dud about this, think about other things Presidents in modern history make sure they don’t do in public: smoke, get drunk, become overly affectionate with their spouses, be seen in revealing clothing, etc. There are things you just shouldn’t do in public when you’re in a position of great influence like the leader of the free world is and, frankly, you need to act like a bleeping adult and not some college frat dude. Such a high office commands more dignity and respect this President sometimes takes for granted.

Dang it! I am no bleeping fuddy dud! H-E -double hockey sticks, no!

But wait! The pearl clutching has just started because it seems that the All Night Nubian Sex Machine has been having his way with our (white) wimmens, and the ladiez are lovin’ his Sweet Sweetback Baadasssss Song and taking it to The YouTubes

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Almost, but not quite, law professor William A. Jacobson does not care for this voting miscegenation with its vague intimations of a large black stamen noodling about a delicate white flowers pistil whilst doing the sexytime. No, he most certainly does not:

Obama campaign — Young female voters should lose voting virginity with Barack

Hey ladies, remember 2008 was not as good for anyone as it was for Obama

They mean voting, of course, yeah right, no sexual imagery in this ad from the Obama campaign.

The Obama campaign has lost whatever mind it had left, it has sunk to lows never seen before.

This is William A Jacobson

Of course you were offended, almost-Professor Jacobson.

Of course you were…

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