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Should we file, but not pay our FEDERAL income taxes?

I am especially interested in the opinions of FDLers who denounce those of us in swing states who want to consider voting for Obama. When Obama had a lead in Wisconsin, I was planning to vote for Jill Stein. Now that the polls have tightened, I’m very seriously considering voting for the President. For those who want me to vote for Stein, are YOU filing with the federal government? Are you PAYING your federal taxes? That’s what funds torture and so many of the policies we all find so un-American and anti-human.

“In 1982, Hunthausen withheld half of his income tax to protest the stockpiling of nuclear weapons and the Trident missile program which had a base nearby, in Puget Sound. In a speech, he said, “Trident is the Auschwitz of Puget Sound.”[6] This tax resistance prompted the Internal Revenue Service to garnish his wages. This angered members of the U.S. military and the Reagan administration, as well as politically conservative Catholics.”

Seattle Arch-Bishop Raymond Hunthausen

To FDLers who denounce those of us in swing states who are considering voting for Obama, are you on the record urging others to file but NOT pay their federal taxes? If so, please provide a link. If not, please explain why you are NOT calling for the de-funding the uniparty’s policies at the same time you criticize me for considering a vote for Obama.

A prior MYFDL post was entitled, “Is it immoral to vote for Obama.” Responding to that, I wrote a post titled, Is it immoral not to donate $20/month to FDL…… I have lots of exceptions, starting with someone being able to afford $20/month. Then I moved on to folks such as Jane, Scarecrow, TarHeel Dem, and many others who had the raw courage to submit to arrest, to protest unAmerican and anti-human policies. My exceptions extend to deeply committed folks like Wendy Davis, wigwam, alan, and so many others who keep this place going with insightful and well written posts and comments.

I would argue that we have not yet reached the point where FDL and other lib/prog blogs should call for Americans to file, but not pay their FEDERAL income taxes. IMHO, it’s helpful to compare and contrast the ways we fulfill our responsibilities as citizens, the strategies and tactics of civil disobedience being one vital component. One size does not fit all. I’m a Badger. If Romney wins, he’ll increase voter suppression at the federal, state, and local levels. That will make it easier for the GOP to elect Scott Walker for a second term as Governor.

I also believe that the U.S.’ position today closely resembles Germany during the Weimar Republic . The forces stacked against us are daunting. I believe various forms of vigorous civil disobedience, which we desperately need, are less likely to work under a Romney administration.

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