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Marist: Race Tied in Colorado, Obama Up by Three in Nevada

Despite Nevada being the state with the worst unemployment rate throughout Obama’s tenure, he still manages to hold a modest lead there over Mitt Romney. The latest NBC News/WSJ/Marist polls show Obama up by three in Nevada and the race completely tied in Colorado.

Marist (10/23-24)
Barack Obama 50%
Mitt Romney 47%
Other 1%
Undecided 2%

Marist (10/23-24)
Barack Obama 48%
Mitt Romney 48%
Other 2%
Undecided 2%

In Colorado there has been significant tightening in the poll. In September Marist found Obama up by five in the state. In Nevada, though, Obama’s lead has remained surprisingly steady compared to last month. Obama’s lead actually grew by a single point in Nevada. The resilience of Obama’s numbers in Nevada, thanks in large part to the Hispanic vote, could have serious long term political implications past this election.

In both states a narrow majority of likely voters view Obama favorably. In Nevada 52 percent have a favorable opinion of Obama and in Colorado 51 percent hold a favorable opinion of the president.

While much of the focus has been on Ohio because it appears it will be the tipping point state, Romney will probably also need to win in Colorado. Even if Romney carries Florida, North Carolina, Virginia and Ohio, that would only put him at 266 electoral votes. He would still need one more swing state and his best bet is likely Colorado.


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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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