Dream On!

The dream thing is unique to America. I’ve never heard of the Chinese Dream, the Brazilian Dream, the French Dream. Aborigines have Dream Time, but that’s not like an apartment, a used car and a part-time job: The New American Dream. No wonder Americans prefer to sleep.

They woke up briefly during the first presidential debate, said, “Hey I like the cut of that guy’s jib, the white – no, the other white one,” and went back to sleep. This gave all the mittmentum to Romney, and a bigger ass we couldn’t have dreamed up or hoped to clone from some fossil coprolites. George W’s fondest dream come true, two candidates, both well to the right of Richard Nixon. The American Dream just has to come true this time. Our true, white brother has finally come! I mean, didn’t he rescue the Olympics? Yes, with government money!! (wake  up, Obama!)

Jeezus, it’s like going fishing with some buddies, and when you get five miles from shore, they start unpacking the dynamite. HAAAALP! No, there’s no help, it’s the two-party system. You’re in a supermarket, the shelves are packed with save your ass and permanent vacation and got stoned and missed it, but the only thing you’re allowed to buy is, either: one spray can of waist deep in the big muddy, or: a box of shit creek helper (paddle not included). Gee, which one should I get? I dunno… list of ingredients, hmmm… manufactured on equipment used for processing nuts, may contain one or more of the following: insomnia, depression, eviction, starvation, coma or death. Yeah, that sounds good. Think I’ll take this one, since I’m not allowed to choose WAKE THE F–K UP, AMERICA! That’s the one I really want, but it’s not one of the choices. It never is, and never will be. Because they cannot hear due to ideational deafness. As Noam Chomsky has pointed out, there is language that is simply not heard, because it communicates ideas that threaten the dream, ideas that will force them to wake up. Gary Johnson – not heard. Mike Gravel, laughed out of the store. Dennis Kucinich, he’s like, the bearded lady, right? Ron Paul was disincorporated by FoxNoise! And what you’re reading is gibberish, rambling, isn’t that what they always say, rambling? They can’t hear it. It never happened.


Just like the rest, donkeytale can’t hear it. Nixon was no liberal in his time.  Today, he’d be reviled as a Socialist for proposing to give every American a guaranteed wage, whether she worked or not. He wanted to abolish the BIA, his picture hangs in every living room at Taos Pueblo. His environmental legislation was visionary; still is today even as it’s being whittled away by the likes of Obama. Just because Romney would do worse does not Obama a liberal make. Yes, Nixon was a crook, but the tragedy is that the country has moved so far to the right that he now appears liberal next to the current crop of crooks. I appreciate your kind comment, donkeytale, but get some perspective. I comment here in frustration because I could not find a way to reply via ordinary channels. I’ll try to get more enabled.

And Speaking Of, try googling, “Nixon last liberal…” thereby hangs a tale.

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